Why choose Vedic Astrologer Kapoor?

We can describe VAK in a line "One stop Shop" for all your Wedding, Astrology, Vastu, Pundit and other Matrimony needs.

This is a rare place where you will get services from selecting your best match to kundli matching to looking for venue and booking a pundit etc.! All these services are available but hardly any on 1 single platform . Most of the people search a partner on a different setup , then look for a astrologer for a matchmaking on a different website and so on .At VAK you just download our app, sit-back and relax !

Some Unique Features :-

(1) Loads of Free information related to Astrology and Vaastu :-

We want that every individual who visits our website should get something and the best we can do for them is to provide them with free information related to Astrology and Vaastu . At VAK we provide you free Information in form of Blogs where you can "Help your self" and if in doubt can take advantage of Professional services that we offer on the same platform and do what you can to "Harmonies your life".

(2) Free Matchmaking :-

We do not shy away from extending to out members and have provided the opportunity for Free Matchmaking report. There is no additional fees or hidden charges, which makes us different from other competitors.

(3) Chat and enrollment is absolutely free :-

We give a opportunity to all VAK members to chat for free and have an opportunity to find your life partner without paying a Dime !

(4) Number Masking for privacy and safety :-

No matter how much you chat for free with a profile but you cannot know for sure if you want to meet the person without having an opportunity to talk to them. You can give your personal number but what if you get a chance to speak to some one without giving out your number? Even-though Chat is Free for all VAK Members but "Number Masking" provides you a "safety cushion" to "talk" to your preferred profile without giving out your personal number on chat.

(5) Mini Social Media :-

Feel that you cannot express your self on other platforms ?! Come and experience our Cornerstone feature " Mini Social Media " where you can " Display your lifestyle " for others to see and help others know more about you for eg Where you like to travel, your favorite eat out's , family members etc.

Simply downloading our application and start absolutely free !

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