2nd House In Horoscope

2nd house in horoscope

The 2nd house in horoscope is known as the family house and the wealth house. This house signifies matters related to money, which have great importance in our daily life. Second house represents family, face, right eye, speech, food, money or economic and optimistic outlook etc. This house represents reception, learning, food and drink, movable property, letters and documents. In Vedic astrology, from the second house, things like wealth, property, family family, speech, singing, eyes, elementary education and food etc. Apart from this, this house also gives awareness about the gold jewellery, diamonds and other valuables acquired by the person in life. The 2nd house in horoscope is also called a maraka house.

The karaka planet of the second house is considered to be Jupiter.

Money, speech, music, elementary education and eyes are considered from this house.

Economic Status: In the horoscope, the idea of ​​​​income and profit is considered from the second house apart from

the eleventh house. When the lord and guru of the second house and eleventh house are in a strong position,

then the person becomes wealthy. On the other hand, if their position in the horoscope is weak, then financial problems have to be faced.

2nd house in horoscope on Early education:

Since the second house is closely related to the childhood or adolescence of a person,

the initial education of a person is seen from this house.

Speech, singing and music:

The second house is related to the human mouth and speech. If the second house, the lord of the

second house and the planet Mercury, which is said to be the factor of speech, is afflicted in some way,

then the person may have trouble speaking or stammering. Since the second house is related to speech,

this house also shows the relation to singing or music.


The second house is also related to the eyes of a person. From this house, we mainly think about the right eye. If

Sun or Moon is afflicted by malefic planets in the 2nd house or if the lord of 2nd house and 2nd house is under

the influence of cruel planets, then the person may suffer from eye pain or disorders.

Appearance and face:

The second house represents the face and face of a person. If the lord of the 2nd house is Mercury or Venus and

is related to other auspicious planets after being strong, then the person will have a beautiful face,

as well as the person is a good talker.


According to Kalamrit, the second house is nails, true and false, tongue, diamonds, gold, copper and other

valuable stones, help of others, friends, financial prosperity, faith in religious works, eyes, clothes, pearls,

sweetness of speech, Perfumed perfume represents efforts to earn money, suffering, freedom,

better speaking ability and silver etc.

The second house represents economic prosperity, money earned by oneself or money received from family. This house also gives the sense of ancestral, lineage, important thing or person etc. In the Kaalpurush Kundli, the sign of the second house is Taurus, while the lord of this house is called Venus. 

Bhattotpal says in Prasanna Gyan that the second house represents pearls, rubies, gems, minerals, wealth, clothes and business.

According to Medini astrology, the second house is related to the economic ministry, state savings, bank balance,

funds or money of the Reserve Bank and financial matters.

The second house determines the question related to money. Among these things like profit or loss, growth in business etc.

This house shows loss to younger siblings, their expenses, help and gifts from younger siblings, lack of skills and

efforts of the native. The second house also represents your mother’s elder siblings, your mother’s benefits and growth, your mother’s contact in society, etc. On the other hand, the second house gives a sense of the education of

your children, especially that of the first child, the image and prestige of your children in the society.

The second house represents deeds related to ancient knowledge, maternal uncle’s fortune, his long journeys and gains through opponents. It gives an idea of ​​the death of your spouse, reincarnation, joint property of the spouse,

loss from the partner or sharing of profits with the partner.

The second house represents your in-laws, business partners of your in-laws’ side, legal relations with in-laws,

contacts with in-laws as well as outside world and ancestral matters.

This house represents health, disease, illness of father or guru, enemy, your opponent mentally and

ideologically, investment, career prospect, education, knowledge and artistry of your officers.

2nd house in horoscope according to Vedic astrology

The second house in the horoscope represents the comfort of elder siblings, happiness of friends,

your attitude towards friends, relationship of elder siblings with your mother. This gesture also represents the art of writing, your grandmother’s elder siblings and grandmother’s speaking. The second house also shows the expenditure and efforts made on the trips made due to secret enemies.

According to Lal Kitab, the second house represents the in-laws and their family, wealth, gold, treasury,

acquired wealth, religious place, cowshed, precious stones a,nd family.

For the activation of the second house of the horoscope, a planet should be present in the ninth or tenth house.

If there is no planet in the ninth and tenth house, then the inactivity of the second house remains intact,

even if some auspicious planet is also sitting in this house.

The 2nd house in horoscope is an important house in the horoscope. Because it reflects our style of living,

the purchase of property, wealth in society and the identity we get from material pleasures. The second house determines what respect you will be entitled to in the society with the money earned by you.