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Astro Vedic Solutions on lost objects

Learn the remedy to find lost objects from the Astro Vedic solutions.

Remedy to find a lost object by astrology often the items of the house or office are lost, and to find it a lot of

hard work has to be done, and even if they are found, either the work of that item is lost, or

the new item has been bought and brought, in astrology.

To find any object, planets should not be used to make fun or to make fun, otherwise, planets also know to joke,

it has taken a lot of time to make and use this theory, and after this principle, people have to help them.

How much praise has been received after that, it is right to give the credit to the divine power, otherwise

what is the board of a frivolous creature like us that I can propound any kind of theory.

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Principle –

As per the Astro Vedic solutions, first of all, you should find the object according to you, and when all the efforts are exhausted, then go and use this principle, according to Hora-Shastra, the time horoscope is made, is also called Prashna Kundali, make the question horoscope by looking at the time.

For all the material things of the world, which can be picked up from one place and kept at another place, for them

the second house of the question should be seen and in the horoscope,

where the owner of the second house is present, the owner of the second house.

The way to see the direction of the house is that in the horoscope in which the owner of the second

house is situated, knowing the direction of the sign of that house, one should find the goods at that place,

along with this, if there is a book, CD, paper, certificate or If you want to see the paper or file, etc.,

then you should try to find it according to the position in which the owner of the third house is, according to

the signs, we will write the details of whether the goods are inside or have gone out. Zodiac signs and their

direction Aries is the east direction, Cancer is the north direction, Libra is the west direction,

Capricorn is the south direction.

lost objects continued- 2

As per the Astro Vedic Solutions, the location of the owner of the amount and the location of the place of the

lost item where the goods are kept by different zodiac signs can be easily known, apart from this,

by taking the mind out of the mind and looking at the goods in the directed places,

both time and energy are saved, the details of the places of different zodiac signs are as follows.

Aries know about the location of Aries, cooking place, shaving place, repairing things, play area,

this is in matters of home and outside matters like bakery, foundry, playground, sports club,

hardware store, butcher shop, and dentist’s shop.

If the goods are kept in the goods are kept inside, then near the fireplace, near the stove, in the cleaning room,

the equipment is in the machine or tool storage, the door of the luggage is either locked or

closed automatically, Where the rusted iron articles are kept,

lost objects continued- 3

Place where the gun or ammunition is kept, Place where the ashtray is kept, Where the hat or helmet is kept,

The passage to the roof, The color of the room Shades of red There is definitely some tool in that room,

where there is a stove or furnace to kindle the fire.

The Astro Vedic solutions say that if the luggage is forgotten or lost outside is a sandy ground,

the field has been made in a new way, and the place has also been dug up,

the land where there was no production, the burnt ground or the deserted hill place, the tool shed,

where the lawn, etc. have been dug.

the tools for making are kept, at the bottom of a tall tree. If Aries is the owner of the second or third house, then the direction is found in the east, but along with the east,

it is necessary to look in the west according to the day or night. The color of the object is bright red or is red or orange in color.

Owns the sign of the second or third house in TaurusBanks, Jewelry Stores, Gift Stores,

Carpet Stores, Music Halls, Opera Houses or Loan Offices or Company, Dance Places,

Clothing Stores are considered in such places. As per the Astro Vedic solutions,

lost objects continued- 4

if the item is placed inside could be a basement, a room with tiles, a lower and smaller room, a room that stores

goods, a room that is used occasionally, with dim lighting and a low ceiling, a dark space, be the trunk,

a place to keep money, safe place, where furniture is stored, music or songs are heard in that room,

any musical instrument is kept, brought inside the cupboard, Inside the cupboard or chest, there should be

different food, there should be a handbag, there should be a place to keep clothes, should also be seen in that

place which is made on the ground and low place. Should also be seen in that bag and box,

inside which that salmon has been purchased.

If stuff is out in a recently dug area or field, a gathering place, a garden, under a tree near a house, a shady place,

a well-decorated lawn, a beautiful place to look at.

Direction:- The location of Taurus is considered to be South-East (Agni angle)

Color objects of this zodiac are considered to be pleasing to the mind and of pleasing shade or blue color.

If Gemini is the owner of the zodiac inside the zodiac this place can be book storage, a bus stand, a service station,

a library, a railway or bus stop, a road from one road to another, or a roadside

It can be a road, it can be a school, it can be a place of learning, it can be a post-office or post office, it can be a

place to store goods, or it can be an office building. If stuff is kept inside can be near the stairs to the sleeping room,

it can be on the way to the hall, it can be on the way to the stairs, in the study area, inside the trunk,

in the chest, on the desk, in the briefcase, in the luggage The room where books are kept, on the shelf containing

the books, the place where the study was done, the drawer where pens, pencils, and

other office items are kept and given, the filing can also be done inside the cabinet.

It can be seen at the place of keeping the magazine, it can be near the entrance door of the house, where the

main papers and documents are kept such as birth certificates, contract papers, canceled cheques, legal papers, etc.,

a place where a telephone or radio or TV is kept, may also be near a computer.

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lost objects continued- 5

If stuff is out that stuff is either near a hill or on a high place, on the side of the road, in an empty field, the place

where it is visited daily, the place where the mailbox is, the brother’s or sister’s house

It can also be near the neighbor’s house, car storage, near the telephone booth, garage.

The direction of Gemini is considered to be southeast (west-south). the color is called fellow owner of 2nd or

3rd house in CancerStored Goods Grocery Store, Cooking Place or Bakery, Salon, Near Bass Basin, Cafeteria,

Near Dairy Booth, Lage, Restaurant in a Public Building, Nursery School Place with Laundry Facility.

As per the Astro Vedic solutions, if that stuff is in the dining room, Kitchen, Laundry, Nursery, Pantry, Kitchen,

Room where less expensive furnishing is done Yes, the place where the items of sentimental value are kept,

the room where there are many windows,

lost objects continued- 6

the place where the fish catcher or the aquarium, etc. is kept, the place where the crockery or silver utensils or

utensils used in the kitchen are kept. Be it near the sink, near the pump, or where the pipework is going on. If stuff is out near a valley, near a lake, near a ditch, near a river,

by the sea, near a pond, in a well, outside a waterfall, in a vegetable garden, near a swimming pool, where the ashes

lie, picnic table Near, near the shower, at the place of rest where one has stopped for a while.

The direction of this zodiac is north

Colour material color green, pearl color, silver color, or cream color.On being the owner of the second or

third house in Leo. That place can be a gambling venue, a place to bet, a bar, a play area,

a theater, a dancing place,

a circus, a pool It could be a room, a place of entertainment,

a government building, a golf field or a place for racing.

If stuff is kept inside Full open space in front of the room where sunlight comes, The room in the house where the

most windows in the house Polished furnishings are kept, Room or place which belongs to children,

Room which is decorated with expensive goods, Playroom, Pool or game room, Children’s bedroom.

If the item is taken outLook inside the park, Look at the playground, Lookout into the woods, Lookout over the

high hill, Look in the front hallway, Look at the seashore where the public comes, In the resort,

The place covered with sandbox, Inside the gym, from the corner of the playground from which the game was set,

the high and low place which is hilly, the place like the forest, outside where the heat has been taken by a burning fire.

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Direction Vayavya (North-West) direction is known for the Leo zodiac

Color bright golden colors. On being the owner of the second or third house in Virgo.

The place of this zodiac is doctor’s office, health care place, animal medicine place, nursing home, dry cleaner’s place,

grocery store, account office, pharmacy, zoo, police station, nursery, awning place.

If the stuff is inside near clothes or food storage, Pantry space, Bookcase, Desk, Study space, Exercise room,

Rental room, Sick person’s room. If stuff is out Places for animals,

Places where manure or farm waste is lying, gardens, Place where ornamental animals are kept,

The garage that is rented, Place where pets are kept, Dog’s place Accommodation,

Grain Farm, Meeting Hall that is let out, Store House.

The direction of Virgo is southwest (south-west)

As per the Astro Vedic solutions, the color of this zodiac is considered to be ground color and cold colors. Libra zodiac sign placed where dance is taught, rehearsed, place of entertainment, hotel, motel,

theatre, beauty salon, bank, dressmaker, art gallery,

furniture store, boutique place. Indoor space living room view, music room view, studio, dressing room,

upstairs room, inside cabinet, dressing table, wardrobe, comfortable furniture area with cushions or pillows,

jewellery box, wardrobe Above the shelf, Above the furniture,

The place where the artwork is kept, The linen item, the Above the shelf, Where the husband or wife’s belongings

are kept, Under the Bed, The items are kept in the guest room. In out-of-home locations the top of the hill,

where hunting is done, the flower garden, the cremation ground, near the furniture lying inside the lawn.

Direction:- Looking in the corner of a high place in the west direction of Libra

One gets the goods, by turning to the west, where brown color or dark blue color has been added. Colour green, blue, and brown. Result of second house planet in Scorpio This place is in the vicinity of a butcher’s eatery, or where

there is a collecting agency, or where there is a dentist’s office, or where there is a place for the public to rest,

or where there is an abandoned house or that place Seized for a special reason, or whether it is a crematorium or

a graveyard, a place to rest, or where there is a pile of rubbish, or where there is a massage parlor, or it is an

insurance building or that Be it the office of the doctor performing the operation, or

it may be a pharmaceutical factory or a pharmacy.

Indoor space this place is the bathroom, or the toilet, or next to the water pipe, or the dirtiest place in the house

where the garbage and rubbish are kept, on the table where the unpaid bills are kept, in the empty room

Whether it is in the laundry room, in the medicine cupboard, in a hidden cupboard, or in a hidden area of the house.

If outside the house near a swampy area or a main sewerage tank where sewage is collected, or where

garbage is collected, or near an evergreen tree or broken building, or sludge On the place, or

on the bank of a river or stream.

Direction The direction of the northeast (northeast) is considered to be of Scorpio

Colour dark red, brown, purple, or wine shades 

As per the Astro Vedic solutions, if that planet is in Sagittarius Benket-hall, or community gathering place,

Court building, Collective gaming place, Where racing is started, College place, Public where it functions,

Lawyer’s office or Books shop, or where lectures are given.

Indoors Upstairs or the largest room of the house near the place of fire or where entertainment items are kept for

the visitors, the room where the policies of insurance, etc. are kept, the room where pets can come

comfortably Whether it is a place where prayer books, college books, college memory items, or a place where

woolen clothes or clothes made of Wool, etc. are kept, the room where very expensive and

imported from outside Items are kept.

outdoor a field built in hilly places, the place where the eyes feel very good after reaching, near an old tree,

where animals roam freely for grazing, animals are gathered by running, or on a slope.


The direction of Sagittarius is considered to be the igneous angle (south-east)

Colour blue planets in Capricorn

This place can be a church courtyard or cemetery or cave, or city rubbish place, business place, brick making place,

city hall or police station, funeral parlor, court, parent’s residence, corner building, or abandoned house.

As per the Astro Vedic solutions, if it’s inside the house basement or non-working room, a room decorated with

leather or plastic items Or near, near the fridge or freezer, the dark place where it is difficult to go, the shelf where

the crockery items or earthen utensils, etc. are kept old or after the air-condition or where the wood is stored, a corner.

If outside the house plateau and uncultivated places or places where shrubs are gathered Or in front of an

old tree which has now fallen and is then in a fallen condition, near an asphalt road or cement road or

near the foundation of a house which has been built or which is expected to be further worked or near the gate.

or a fence made of fences and wire or ropes, in a shady place where a shed is built, or a place near bushes or an abandoned place or a field, a place where there is a

bad smell, an abandoned house or hut or palm or Near the palm tree.

The direction of Capricorn is South

ColourBlack, brown, and all dark colors.

Owner of 2nd or 3rd house in Aquarius. This place could be an airport, could be a clubhouse, could be a factory,

could be a gas station, could be a highway, could be a railroad station, could be a public place, could be a friend’s house, big It can be the house of a brother or elder sister, can be the house of son’s wife,

Can be a place of entertainment for the wife or husband. If it’s inside the house can be either near a device

or equipment, can be on a shelf that is not inside the house such as a rain bar outside a door, etc.,

near an electrical appliance or radio or

Near television or any stereo system or near any telephone or meter panel of any kind or fuse box or near an

electric bulb or tube light or in a separate room where a new modification has been done,

near any useless window near the stairs leading to the room or in the room in which the planning or drafting has been done or in the

room in which a single convenient item is kept. If you’re out of the house may be in the ground around a recently

dug-up area, next to a garage or where the car was parked, near an automobile, or

inland where agricultural land has been converted into residential land or where the wood is kept or sold or cut.

The direction of Aquarius is Vayavya (North-West)

Colour Turquoise or aquamarine color is found in this zodiac.

Planet in Pisces. This place can be a hospital, a counseling center, it can be a prison, it can be the deck of a

ship or steamer, it can be a hiding place, it can be a liquor store, it can be a shoe store.

It could be a place with a gas line, could be a place to keep a photo,

could be a place in the retirement community.

If it’s inside the house near a fish tank or near liquor store or inside bar or in the bedroom or in bathroom or

washing room on the cold and idle floor or in medicine cupboard or near the

photographic camera or in a hidden place or home

The place where the water line comes in from the well or street. If you’re out of the house near a spring, near a

fish pond, near a natural rivulet, on the banks of a river, on the banks of a beach, in some wasteful place where

floods have occurred, in some remote area where the mother worships at uncle’s house,

Where the son and the bride eat food or keeps the money.

The direction of Pisces is also called Vayavya (North West).

ColourBlue and Violet Magneta and Wine Color Coca-Cola Color.

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