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astrologer education remedies for success exam

Astrologer education -Take these remedies for success in the exam, every stress will disappear

The way the competition has increased in the field of education nowadays, along with the child, his parents are also worried a lot. Parents are worried that whether the child will be able to pass the exam with good marks or not. Or what will he do or not. The child also remains under the stress of studies.
Not being successful in the exam depends as much on hard work, as much luck also supports it. Vastu Shastra would also have great importance in this. The room and place where your child sits and studies is very important. There are some small things that can be taken care of to increase the chances of success in the examination.
Let us know some such tips by astrologer education:
Always keep copy-books neatly in their assigned place, bag or cupboard in the study room. Make sure that the study table and chair are not broken. The copy-books should not be torn and there should not be any dust on them. Cleanliness of study room should be maintained.
Do not keep any copy-book open after reading it. Keep the pen-pencils in an organized compass box with their lids attached.
Food should not be eaten on the table on which the child studies while sitting.
Just before starting studies, one should meditate on Lord Ganesha, Maa Saraswati or your Ishta Dev.
Put the copy-books on your head before starting your studies and do the same at the end of your studies.
While studying, the student’s face should be in the North or Northeast angle. Place his table in the same way so that his face is in these directions.
The child should not wear shoes, slippers, socks etc. while studying.
Keeping fresh tamarind leaves in books on Thursday sharpens the child’s intellect.
Wearing the Ashta Saraswati Yantra in a silver chain or black thread around the neck develops intelligence.
By keeping the peacock feather in the books or in the school bag of the child, the child gets special respect in the school-college.
The study room should be open, ventilated, and there should be plenty of natural light in it.
Light green color should be done on the walls of the study room. Curtains should also be green.
Don’t do it at all
Do not study lying down or spreading your legs.
Don’t eat anything while studying.
Do not put your feet on copy-books or keep them near your feet.
Students studying should maintain physical hygiene.
Do not wear torn clothes, unwashed clothes.

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