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Astrologer in Alaknanda delhi on Astrology and Solution

Astrologer in Alaknanda delhi on Astrology and Solution:- Every person on this earth wants to

achieve excellent success in his/her field of work. May he get wealth, success, and fame in life, whatever field he is

in, he should not only get the desired success in it, but his works should also be appreciated everywhere. 

He should get the opportunity to work in the desired place in his business, job, work area. According to the scriptures, for the best workplace, best career, success in work, desired transfer, appreciation in the field of work,

those who want fame and obstacles in getting jobs, problems in promotion, not getting success in business, etc. 

Its beneficial to worship Sun. Here are some such measures are being told, by doing which you will get the

best success in your desired field of work and life.

Astrology and Solution Part -2

1. As per Astrologer in Alaknanda Delhi after taking a bath in the morning, take two copper vessels and

offer it to the Sun God with water in one, add bilvapatra, jaggery, red flowers, and

water and 21 chilies in the other and pray for his transfer to the desired place.

2. In the auspicious time on Sunday, wear the ruby ​​​​stone in gold and wear it in the

ring finger of the right hand as per Astrologer in Alaknanda Delhi.

3. Chanting one rosary of Surya Mantra “Om Suryaya Namah” after daily bath brings fame and success to the person.

4. For excellent success in your business, field, recite Aditya Hriday Stotra daily.

5. Before leaving your house for any special work, go after consuming a little jaggery and curd.

6. Keep a fast on Sunday or eat sweet food on Sunday, do not use salt as much as possible on this day, this

remedy also removes obstacles in the work area and gives an opportunity to work in the desired place.

7. Donating red clothes, red sandalwood, copper utensils, saffron, jaggery, red lentils, and wheat on Sundays gives very auspicious results. It must be done on one Sunday of the month.

8. Take blessings by touching the feet of your parents while going out of the house, go to your

workplace even after touching the feet of a girl below 10 years of age. Due to this, all the obstacles coming in the field of work automatically end.

Astrology and Solution Part -3

9. If you are going to give exam/interview for job or are trying for transfer in your work area, then apply turmeric

tilak on five anointed cowries (the shells are available in any puja shop), apply turmeric tilak on yourself. 

After 11 times, give a gift of 11 rupees to a Joshi (one who takes Shani’s donation) and

pray to God for success in his desired work. You will have a strong chance of getting success.

10. If you want to get your transfer to any desired place, then come to bed after washing your feet thoroughly

before sleeping at night (don’t rub foot to foot) Keep your head towards south while sleeping, and

before sleeping Recite Hanuman Chalisa and request Hanuman ji to

remove the obstacles in getting the transfer to his desired place.

11. When your wish is fulfilled by the grace of Hanuman ji, then you should offer Boondi Prasad as much as

you can by offering the entire Chola to Hanuman ji and distribute that

Prasad at the same temple itself, just a little prasad for the members of the house at home.

Astrology and Solution Part -4

12. If you work and your office is away from home or in another city and you

want to get your transfer done then do these steps

13. Worship Lord Ganesha by lighting a lamp of pure ghee regularly and offer 21 Durva to him. Chant the names of Shadvinayaks of Lord Ganapati 108 times in the morning.

shadavinaayakon ke naam- oom modaay nam:, oom pramodaay nam:, sumukhaay nam:, oom durmakhaay nam:, oom avidhyanaay nam: oom vighnakaratte nam: 

14. Offer food to 8 poor people on Wednesday or any one day of the week. This paves the way for success in the field of work, one gets the opportunity to work in the desired place and good relations are

formed with subordinate employees, co-workers and officers.

15. Keep in mind that whatever remedy you do, do it very quietly, with full faith and faith in God, do it patiently.

By doing your hard work and doing these measures, do not get distracted at all if there is delay in success and

do not create any question mark. Otherwise, even after reaching success, your hands may remain empty.