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Astrologer in alambagh Lucknow:-Do these measures on Thursday, no matter what the problem is, you will definitely get relief.

Lord Brihaspati is the Guru of all the Gods, whatever be the problem, he solves them all. If there is a dosha of Jupiter in your Kundli, due to which you are facing problems like marriage and luck, and if there is a problem in your marriage despite your favorable conditions, then Thursday can be auspicious for you.

For the peace of Guru Dosh, take some measures on Thursday, so that you will definitely get success in your work, because Thursday is the day of Jupiter, the guru of the gods agrees Astrologer in alambagh Lucknow. Jupiter is the karaka planet of your marriage and luck.

Also, this day is also of Sai Baba, if you believe in him, then you can worship him too. Know about such a remedy, which, by doing it on Thursday, will remove the defects of the planet Jupiter, as well as you will get money and paddy.

Thursday is considered the law of worship of Lord Brihaspati Dev.

Worshiping on this day brings wealth, education, sons, and desired results. There is happiness and peace in the family. Those who are facing obstacles in their marriage should observe a fast on Thursday. Brihaspateshwar Mahadev ji is worshiped on this day. Eat only one meal a day. Wear yellow clothes, wear yellow flowers.

The food should also be of gram dal. Salt should not be eaten. Yellow colored flowers, gram dal, yellow cloth and yellow sandalwood should be worshipped. The story should be heard after worship. By this fast, Jupiter ji is happy and there is benefit of wealth and knowledge. Women should do this fast. Banana is worshiped in the fast.

Remedy for the happiness of Jupiter Dev Guru :-

1. Respect Brahmins and get their blessings.

2. Donate gram dal and saffron in the temple, apply saffron tilak on the head.

3. Donate knowledge-enhancing books to deserving people.

4. Worship Lord Brahma with banana.

5. Donate valuables to pandits to receive their blessings for your family.

As per Astrologer in alambagh Lucknow do these remedies on Thursday,

you will get rid of every problem, for the peace of Guru Dosh, take some measures on Thursday, which will definitely give you success in your work, because Thursday is the day of Jupiter, the guru of the gods of Hinduism.

While taking a bath on a Thursday, take a bath by adding a pinch of turmeric to your bathing water, then apply saffron tilak while chanting “Om Namo Bhagwate Vasudevaya” and offer incense and water to banana tree. Get up before sunrise on Thursday. Present Vishnu jee with a ghee Diya after bath.After this also recite Vishnu Sahasranama.

If there is a defect of Guru in your horoscope, then offer gram flour laddus to Lord Shiva on every Thursday. If you have kept a fast, then worship the banana tree on this day and listen to the story of Satyanarayana. Donate yellow items related to Guru like gram dal, gold, turmeric, mango, etc.

Place the idol or picture of Guru Brihaspati on a yellow cloth.

Also worship with law and order. Gram lentils, jaggery, yellow flowers, and sandalwood to be offered for Pooja.

Do transactions on Thursday with a little care and if someone comes to ask for money on this day, then by giving money, your Guru becomes weak, due to which you may have to face financial problems.

Regarding the day of Thursday, it is believed that on this day, applying soap on the body, washing hair, and getting cut are not all auspicious. Both astrological and scientific reasons are given behind this. According to astrology, it is believed that Thursday is dedicated to Jupiter, the guru of the gods.

Brihaspati Dev is the principal god of children and knowledge.

A haircut on Thursday is likely to result in financial loss, child suffering and loss of knowledge. From the religious point of view, it is believed that Thursday is the day of Lakshmi Narayan, so it is said that on this day one has to face financial problems by cutting or washing hair.

According to astrology, washing and cutting hair on Thursday for unmarried creates obstacles in marriage. Washing hair on this day is not considered good for married women who want immortal honeymoon. Not only getting a haircut on Thursday, it is also not good to get shaving done. It is said that life is shorter than this.

It is believed that on Saturday, Tuesday and Thursday,

Some special rays are transmitted from the planets during these three days. which are harmful to our health. Human brain holds designation of the most important body part. The brain is located in the head and the center of the head is very sensitive and tender.

Our hair protects it. So that by cutting hair on these three days, the direct effect of these rays will be on our head. Due to which the brain will be affected. Therefore, a law has been made not to cut hair on these three days.