Astrologer In Aliganj Lucknow | Moon In Scorpio

Astrologer in aliganj Lucknow Moon in Scorpio

Astrologer in aliganj Lucknow on Effects of Moon in  Scorpio sign:-In your horoscope, the Moon is situated in Scorpio, which is ruled by Mars and it signifies the stinging insect. It is a stable, negative, and water sign. Moon is afflicted here. You will have high aspirations and you will be full of zeal to win.

Will be hardworking, strong, indomitable, courageous, and patient. You will have the quality to rule. You will be lucky and comfortable. Your employees or followers will be very loyal and reliable. If the effect of Moon is inauspicious, then your nature may become arrogant and arrogant.

You may have the image of a tyrant, who can cross the limits of cruelty. But, if the effect of Moon is auspicious, it will make your thoughts positive and productive and your mind spiritual. Your bravery will increase by making proper use of your excellent features.

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Your nature may be somewhat violent and angry, which, if not controlled ahead of time, can lead to dire consequences. You may be impulsive and likely to get caught in a wrong love affair. With the presence of Moon in Scorpio, you will be self-reliant and determined. You can protect yourself.

You will be polite and low-spoken and will cut any long story short. Being stubborn image will be obstinate as you are unable to make changes in our behavior. If someone opposes you, you will never forgive and retaliate. The effect of Moon is auspicious, then your married life will be fruitful and happy.

If Moon is inauspicious then your married life may not be happy. You may be worried about your children – especially the first child. You may be interested in mystical or related subjects. Inclination towards religion happens due to the loss of a young family member.

Qualities as per Astrologer in aliganj Lucknow:

Your works and ideas will be creative and have a flair of art. You will be active and energetic because of your inherent energy. Like a lion, you will be courageous and not afraid of anything. You will be generous and cheerful. Due to your excellent management skills, you will be able to organize things.

You will be serious and sensitive. You will love your friends and relatives, you will give importance to them and take care of them. Demerits: Your stamina may be weak. You can get angry even on small things. Fearless, arrogant, or arrogant. You can be the one to impose your will on others.

Give you an order, you may not like it. Special Characteristics: With your open mind and tendency to adjust to thoughts and situations, you can easily mingle with people from all sections of the society, whether they are high or low strata.

You will be generous You will always praise good work and personnel and expect others to appreciate someone for their achievements. Will have inclination towards family traditions. Sometimes it can cause unhappiness in your family.


You can be in a high position in any department. Political leader, senior official, manager, or ambassador. You can also engage in any research related to science or technology. You can get a lot of profit from marble, wood, etc. or you can earn a lot of name and fame as jeweler, geologist, teacher, actor, or artist.