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Astrologer in andheri east | Auspicious Shani Dev

Astrologer in Andheri east – For a happy life, Shani Dev will become your friend soon, just remember these things:-

On hearing the name of Shani Dev, people start feeling fear in their minds. If Lord Shani’s Dhaiya, Sade Sati, or any other Mahadasha is going on in your horoscope. So in such a situation, people often believe that whatever good and bad is happening in their life, it is happening due to the influence of the planet Saturn.
Removing this confusion of yours, Lord Shani has been described in the scriptures as the “God of Justice”. If Shani Dev wants, then he makes any rank as a king, but if it falls on someone, then it does not take long for the king to become a rank. But according to astrology, this justice of Lord Shani depends on your actions.
Know what people usually do, this is the reason why more efforts are made to please Shani Dev. Generally, people take some such measures to please Lord Shani, which are also very popular in beliefs. First, know what people usually do in these.
Astrologer in Andheri east -These are the important things that will make Lord Shani happy
Now you will think that what are some things that you do not know. This is the most important fact. Shopping. Today we will tell you about some such items which should never be bought on Saturday. Let’s know what are those things.
Iron: Never buy iron on Saturday.
Salt: Buying salt on Saturday also brings poverty.
Wood: Saturday should never be chosen for buying wood.
Mustard oil or grains: Donation of mustard oil is done on Saturday, but mustard oil or mustard seeds are never bought.
Brinjal: Even if you want to buy Brinjal, Saturday should be postponed.
Black urad: Black urad is also offered on Shani Dev, that is why it should not be bought.
Black pepper: Black sesame or black pepper should also not be bought on Saturday.
Black clothes: Saturday is also not a good day to buy shoes or black clothes.
Almonds: This day is also not suitable for buying almonds or coconut.
Electronic goods: Any kind of electronic goods or umbrellas should not be bought on Saturday.

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