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Astrologer in ashok nagar delhi:-Karak planets and lucky planets in the horoscope.Karak Planets:The various methods of determining the ‘Karaka’ planet are as follows:

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1. Maharishi Parashar and other Acharyas

have described the causal planets of the twelfth house in this way.

1st house- Sun

Second house-Jupiter

Third house- Mars

Fourth house – Moon and Mercury

Fifth house- Jupiter

Sixth house – Mars and Saturn

Seventh house – Venus,

Eighth house- Saturn

Ninth house – Jupiter and Sun,

Tenth house – Sun, Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn,

Eleventh house – Jupiter and

Twelfth house – Saturn.

2. Stable Factor:Sun by Astrologer in ashok nagar delhi

Father’s,moon-mother,Jupiter-Guru and knowledge,Venus of wife and happiness,of Mercury,Mangal brother’sShani is the servant of the servant and Rahu is the stabilizing factor of the mleccha.

3. Jaimini Charakaraka by Astrologer in ashok nagar delhi:

It depends on the degrees of the planets.The planet with the highest degree is called ‘Atma karaka’, the planet with lesser degree is called ‘Amatya karaka’, the one with lesser degree is called ‘Bhratra karaka’,The planet with less degree than that is called ‘son factor’ and the planet with the lowest degree is called ‘dara karaka’ or wife karaka.

The ‘Atma’ and ‘Amatya’ factors do good to the native. Rahu/Ketu is not a factor.

If Ascendant is the self factor, then its dasha is very auspicious.If the ‘Atma’ factor planet is also in the eighth house, then its auspicious results decrease.

4. Yogkaraka by Astrologer in ashok nagar delhi:

Each planet becomes fruitful by being the lord of the center (1, 4, 7, 10 house), but the lord of the triangle (1, 5, 9 house) always gives auspicious results. When the same planetary center and triangle are lord together, it becomes ‘Yogakaraka’ (very auspicious fruitful). Like Mars for Leo Ascendant, and Saturn for Libra Ascendant.

As the lord of both Kendra and Trikonas, Ascendant is always auspicious like a Yogakarak. Ascendant does not feel the fault of ownership of 6th, 8th, 12th house.

5. Mutual factors by Astrologer in ashok nagar delhi:

When planets are situated in the Kendra through their exalted, mooltrikona or self-sign, then there are ‘parvash karakas’ (helpers). A planet placed in the tenth house is more fruitful than other factors. Some Acharyas also call a strong benefic planet in the fifth house as ‘Karaka’.

When an astrologer tells you that you are going to get lucky, or say that you are having a good time or say that such a period was your most favorable time, then the astrologer at that time the condition of the karaka planet of your Kundali. was looking at.

In traditional Indian astrology and Krishnamurti system (KP),

the meanings of the karaka planets are different. First let us understand that what are the karaka planets and your lucky planets and how they affect our horoscope.
According to Krishnamurti, some planets have a special role in the occurrence of any event of life.

To know the role of which planet, what is its time, we study the house and planets related to that event. On analysis according to Krishnamurti method, we find that the causative planets for marriage are different and those who provide jobs, similarly, there is a role of some causal planets in almost every event of life.

For example, the significator planets of the second, sixth and tenth house give you a job and the karaka planets of the second, fifth, seventh and eleventh house will be seen for your marriage.

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The role of the karaka planets in the Parashar method is somewhat different. Parashara says that in any horoscope, the ruler of a center (first, fourth, seventh or tenth house) and a triangle (one, five or nine) is the karaka planet of that horoscope.

This karaka planet is so strong that sometimes it gives results even more strongly than the Lagna lord and the Moon sign lord as per Astrologer in ashok nagar delhi.

When the condition of a causal planet comes in the horoscope of a person, whether more or less the person gets benefits. The period of life in which the condition of the Karak planet will come, that period will be the best time for the native.

When it comes to remedies, the astrologer would first like to treat the causative planet of your horoscope. And if the condition of the Karak planet is going on, then making the Karak planet strong during that period proves to be most favorable and giving results for the person.

Karak & Marak -3

Whether it is the Mahadasha of the Karak planet, Antardasha, Pratyantar dasha or even if the favorable transit of the Karak planet is going on, that year, month, day or hour is also for you. Will be favourable. Let us see which planet is in which ascendant (lagna) and how it can be emphasized .

Aries Ascendant:-

There is no one planet in the horoscope of Aries ascendant which is the ruler of a center and a triangle. In such a situation, the Sun is the ruler of the fifth house, which is the triangle of the horoscope. In such a situation, Sun will be the karaka planet in the Aries ascendant.

The native of an Aries ascendant can be advised to wear a ruby   in the dasha of the sun, antardasha. Provided that the Sun is not making any other Yogakarak conjunction. In such a situation, we will say that in the horoscope of Aries ascendant, Mars is the lord of the ascendant and Sun is the ruling planet of the fifth house.

Taurus Ascendant:-

In Taurus ascendant, Saturn is the ruler of one center and one triangle. It is the ruler of the ninth and tenth houses. The dasha, antardasha or pratyantar dasha of Saturn is more or less favorable for the natives of Taurus ascendant.

If the day is seen, then the constellation of Saturn and any time of the day is seen, then the Hora of Saturn proves to be favorable for the people of Taurus ascendant. In such a situation, we will say that in Taurus ascendant, Venus is the lord of the ascendant and Saturn is the karaka planet.

Gemini Lagna:-

Gemini is a dual nature ascendant. Along with this, Mercury is the ruler of ascendant and triangle. The first, fifth and ninth houses are considered as triangles. In such a situation, as Mercury is the lord of the ascendant and the fourth house, it proves to be a major factor in the horoscope.

Along with this, Venus, the ruler of the fifth house, is also giving favorable effect in Gemini ascendant. If Venus is not corrupted, we can say that Mercury and Venus are the karaka planets in Gemini ascendant.

Cancer lagna:-

In this ascendant, Mars is the ruler of the fifth house i.e. triangle and the tenth house i.e. center. In such a situation, Mars is the most powerful planet in Cancer ascendant. This is the karaka planet of this ascendant.

If Mars is not sitting in a favorable position and is not making conjunction with favorable planets, then the person can be given a coral ring or a locket. The ruler of Cancer is the Moon. In such a situation, we get two karaka planets of Cancer ascendant, Mars and Moon.

Leo Lagna:-

In Leo ascendant also, Mars is seen in the role of the causative planet. The Scorpio sign located in the fourth house and Aries in the ninth house is ruled by Mars. In such a situation, he emerges as the ruler of a center and a triangle. Since the Sun is the lord of Leo.

Sun and Mars are the causative planets for the people of Leo ascendant in Ace. They can be dressed as coral or ruby   according to the position of the planets. Along with this, the dasha, antardasha, constellation and hora of Sun and Mars will also prove to be relatively favorable for the native.

Kanya lagna:-

Mercury is the ruler of Virgo. Here the lord of the ascendant i.e. the triangle and the center i.e. the tenth house is Mercury. In such a situation, Mercury will be the causative planet for the people of this ascendant. Along with this, the ninth house i.e. the ruler of the triangle is Venus.

Even though Venus does not have that much auspiciousness due to being the lord of the second house in Virgo ascendant, but Venus is also considered a lucky planet due to being a friend of Mercury.

In such a situation, we can say that Mercury and Venus will be the causal planets in Virgo ascendant and the person can be dressed as emerald or diamond as per the requirement.

Tula lagna:-

Although Venus is the ruler of this ascendant, but Saturn, the friend of Venus, is the ruler of a Kendra i.e. fourth house and a triangle i.e. fifth house. If seen from another angle, Saturn is exalted in Libra. In such a situation, if a person has a Libra ascendant and Saturn is sitting in a favorable position,

then the person makes a lot of progress in life. Gets favorable results in Saturn’s Dasha, Antardasha, Nakshatra and Hora. Even though Venus is the ruler of the eighth house with the Ascendant, but in Libra ascendant, both Saturn and Venus are in the role of karaka planets.

Scorpio Lagna:-

This is a somewhat difficult marriage. The lord of Scorpio ascendant is Mars, but Aries, the second sign of Mars, represents the sixth house. On the other hand the lord of a triangle is Jupiter, but the second house is represented by Sagittarius, the same sign of Jupiter.

The second triangle ninth house is owned by the Moon. In such a situation, only the moon becomes completely pure and becomes the causative planet of Scorpio marriage, but the treatment of moon is also not done by wearing a pearl locket around the neck.

In such a situation, the people of Scorpio ascendant can be described as partly Jupiter, partly Mars and cautiously the treatment of Moon.

Sagittarius Ascendant:-

Jupiter is the lord of Sagittarius. Since the Ascendant is a part of the triangle and the sign of Pisces falling in a Kendra i.e. the fourth house is also ruled by Jupiter. On the other hand Sun is also the lord of the ninth house i.e. triangle. In such a situation, we get two karaka planets in Sagittarius Ascendant. Jupiter and Sun.

The person born in Sagittarius ascendant can be said to be treated for Pukhraj, the gemstone of Jupiter, or the golden stone or Manak, the gemstone of the Sun. Generally, the people of Sagittarius ascendant get favorable results in Dasha, Antardasha, Nakshatra and Hora of Jupiter and Sun.