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Astrologer in dayal dayalpur delhi on rules for changing fate Part 2 :-There are only planets in our horoscope

which keep on changing and their effect on our life is very much. But these are the factors that it is possible for us to reach and understand to some extent. The planets can be celebrated only with humility and love.

This means that whenever we take measures, leaving the ego of our knowledge and ability,

do the measures with full faith, faith, and dedication. Only through astrological remedies, one’s karma can be changed by the remedies of planets. Honesty and regularity measures are essential parts of being successful.

Fate Part 2 – A

As per astrologer in dayal dayalpur delhi the first step for building a new future is to understand your

shortcomings and try to overcome them. Whatever we do, for that we should be calm, restrained. At the same time, you should analyze your actions by being alert.

If we always prove our shortcomings right, then we will never be able to progress in our life and

neither will we be able to improve our future. 

The bad karmas of our previous births have created the adverse circumstances of the present and

have also created a tendency for negative karma in us. If we keep drifting in that trend, the future will only get worse. So the most important step is to understand your shortcomings.

In order to neutralize the effect of any karma, at present we have to do karmas of the same magnitude, intensity, and quality, then somewhere we can achieve a simple change. This is the unshakable principle of karma.

Therefore, always keep in mind that according to the bigger the problem, chanting of mantras, donations, gems, rituals, and other measures are needed. It is a mistake to understand that big and big problems become possible quickly with only one remedy like chanting mantras or small donations.

They can reduce the intensity of the problem to some extent but cannot completely change the situation. Very intense efforts are needed to nullify the karmas of previous births. Sometimes it takes a whole birth.

Fate Part 2 – B

Many times it happens that it is not possible to see the distant events of life and even very skilled astrologers are not able to read the future events but it does not mean that there is a lack of knowledge of the astrologer.

Sometimes the burden of sinful deeds of the questioner is so much that he creates a wall in front of the wisdom and insight of the best of the wise, which makes it difficult to understand the planets and do other calculations. 

If the astrologer is at a higher level of sadhana, which he is able to find a solution to the problem by crossing that limit to some extent. This means that the questioner should also understand that astrology should be taken as a science.

For example, even after a lot of progress in the medical field, there is some limit somewhere and the doctor has to identify the disease with his intelligence with the results of all the tests. 

In the same way, in astrology also, the solution of problems through planetary positions and other yogas is possible only after deep learning and spiritual progress under the guidance of a guru.