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Astrologer in Badarpur Delhi

Astrologer in Badarpur Delhi on how to get Savings:-Remedies for getting money Savings:-Many times people give money to help someone, to get any work done from shop, house, plot or any employment, any company or any government departments or keep their own money with someone but on time that person will get your money. 

Does not return or your work is not even done and you are not able to get your money back,

then you have to face a lot of mental pain. All efforts to get the money back fail, the relationship also gets spoiled. 

Then when you get failure in all the measures and you see all the paths closed,

then in such circumstances, you should do these measures with full faith and faith in God,

you will definitely see the benefit as per Astrologer in Badarpur Delhi.

Remedies Savings

1 Pray. Along with this, chant one rosary of “Om Adityaya Namah” daily.

2. If any person is stuck with your money and he is able to give but still not giving then 2 ‘Raja Kauri’ will be found

in any puja shop, put it in front of the house of the person who has your money. Money is trapped, this will change his mind and he will return your money to you soon. Do this remedy completely silently.

3. On a Wednesday, (if the new moon falls on Wednesday or Wednesday of Krishna Paksha, it is even better)

in the evening, make five puris of sweet oil and make a swastika sign on the top of it with

roli and Put mustard oil on it and keep a lamp of wheat flour. 

Then light a lamp and apply tilak on it also with Roli and offer yellow or red-colored flowers. During this, keep praying to Lord Shri Ganesh for that man to return your money.

Then take some grains of black mustard and black urad in the left hand while chanting the

following mantra 21 times and leave it on the poori and the lamp..Mam Dhanam Pratigraham Kuru Kuru Swaha.

Remedies Savings – 2

4. After that on the same night, take all the material and keep it quietly in front of the main door of that person’s

house at some distance / across the road at someplace from where his main gate or house is visible.

5. And if you do not know the address of the person with whom your money is stuck, then on any Saturday,

facing the south direction, light a mustard oil lamp in front of the statue or picture of Hanuman ji,

then put some mustard seeds in it. 

Put 2 cloves and a piece of camphor and recite Bajrang Baan 3 times and pray to Bajrang Bali Ji

that the person (who has your money stuck) will return all your money as soon as possible. After this, apply a couple of drops of oil on a spoon from this burning

lamp and make kajal by keeping it on the flame.

6. Then write the name of the person with whom your money is stuck with the same kajal on a new thin,

soft cloth with a wooden pen from the Shami tree. Now make a thin light of this cloth and make a diya of flour and pour sesame oil in it, light this lamp again and recite

Bajrang Baan 5 times in front of the statue of Hanuman Ji and pray to get the money back. 
Do this for 21 consecutive Saturdays and in the meantime,

even if you get your money back, you must do it. On getting money, offer Prasad of laddus, coconut drops, etc. as much as possible.

Remedies Savings – 3

7. To get your lost money, burn camphor on Friday and make kajal out of it. Then write the name of the person who has your money on a bhojpatra. After this, you pat on that paper 7 times and ask that person to return your money,

then press that bhojpatra under your safe / cupboard/box where you keep the money.

8. If you know him, then write his name on the bhojpatra with Kajal, keep that paper with you and go to him and

after being completely calm, ask him to return your money by slapping 7

times in any way and after coming home, send that bhojpatra to him. 
Press the method. Slowly your money will be returned. All these measures are very effective, they should be done

very quietly with full faith and faith and most importantly, patience should be maintained

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