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Astrologer in Borivali west – Know that in your horoscope is the yoga of becoming an artist?


The world is a theater, in which all people try to play their characters well under the direction of nature. This thing happened about real life but if you want to get name, wealth, fame, glamour etc. by going into the field of reel life then you have to face tough challenges.


Astrologer in Borivali west – Let us know which planets have an important role to be successful in the field of artist.


Planets that give success in Bollywood: – Many planets should be strong in astrology to enter the art world. Venus is the most important planet to be successful in this field. Venus gives mastery in the arts like beauty, music, dance and acting. Mercury is the significator of speech. Even if there is no power in the voice of the artist, there is no popularity in the field of art. Sun brings fame, so to be a famous artist it is necessary to have strong Sun in the horoscope. To become a film or TV artist, it is also necessary for Rahu to be strong in the horoscope.


Yoga to be an artist
1- In acting or singing, the voice has a major role. If the voice is not good then it is difficult to succeed in acting and singing. In the horoscope, the second house is related to speech and the fifth house is the factor of entertainment. The tenth house, which is the factor of livelihood, must be related to the second and fifth house.
2- If the conjunction of Mercury and Venus is in the tenth or fifth house in the horoscope of Taurus ascendant or Libra ascendant, along with Rahu is strong, then the person gets fame in the world of acting.
3- If there is a vision of Ascendant on the fifth house in the horoscope and if you see Venus and Jupiter together, then there are chances of becoming an artist.
4- A person who has Mercury, Venus and Ascendant in his horoscope and Rahu is exalted or in a triangle, then a person can make a career in the field of artist.
5- If there is a vision of at least two auspicious planets on the Ascendant and the lord of the third house is making a conjunction with Venus, then the person can become an artist.
6- If the Moon is exalted or self-signed in the fifth, tenth and eleventh house and Venus is in the second house or it is in conjunction with the Moon, then the person chooses his career in the field of art.
7- If you have Malavya Yoga, Shasha Yoga, Gajakesari Yoga, Saraswati Yoga and famous Yoga etc. in your Kundali, then you can earn your name in the world of art.