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Astrologer in Chittaranjan Park delhi | Retrograde

Astrologer in Chittaranjan Park Delhi:- Debilitated planets and retrograde planets in astrology

Case – 1:-A person approaches an astrologer and shows his horoscope. The astrologer tells the native that

your horoscope is of Virgo Ascendant, but you are unable to do anything due to Mercury being set. In spite of Budhaditya (sum of conjunction with Sun and Mercury) in the Ascendant, your horoscope has not been effective.

The person asks the astrologer its solution. Instead of telling the remedies of the karaka planets in the horoscope,

the astrologer sends the person by telling the remedies for Mercury.

Saturn being retrograde

Case – 2:-A person analyzing his horoscope by reading the book comes to know that due to Saturn being

retrograde, all his work is getting reversed and the upcoming Mahadasha is also of Saturn. The troubled person starts getting confused by the astrologers.

He asks every astrologer what is the remedy for retrograde Saturn. Whereas in reality Saturn is inauspicious in his horoscope. That is, the role of other planets is more in his life than Saturn.

Many such quotes come to astrologers and common people also seem upset due to the planets being retrograde. There are basically two branches of astrology.

Theory and results. While the astrological calculations are given in detail in the theory branch,

there is a detailed description about the effect of planets, zodiacs and constellations on

human life in the resultant astrology. With the passage of time, the distance between the theory and the resulting branches is getting bigger.

Siddhant astrology

On the one hand, while there are heaps of books of results, Siddhant astrology is getting neglected. As a result of this, the words given in the theory are being interpreted according to their

common words instead of being well understood in astrology.

At first, novice astrologers used the literal meanings of these words, later in many books, these words were misinterpreted. Due to this, misconceptions about astrological words are increasing among the common people. Actually understanding the meaning of the words is essential before understanding the subject.

Effect of retrograde and path

In theory astrology, it has been clarified that what is retrograde. If we look from the point of view of general science, it will be known that all the

planets are revolving in an elliptical orbit around the Sun. Since the Earth is also revolving around the Sun, it appears due to relative motion. 

If the path of the planets in the solar system was completely circular, then no planet would ever be retrograde or

path, but due to the elliptical rotation, when viewed from the earth, these planets would appear to be

moving at a faster speed and sometimes moving at a slower speed.

In fact, no planet moves in the opposite direction. Siddhant astrology has made it clear that when the planet will

have its path, when it will be superspeed and when it will be retrograde, but in the result astrology,

it has not been clarified about its effect, what and why the effect of this movement of the planets.

Change comes

It is also said that when the planet is retrograde, it stays in a particular zodiac for a long time and sends the

signs received from the Sun and other constellations towards the Earth. Due to this, the effect of retrograde planet becomes like exalted instead of normal. 

On the other hand, due to hyper-movement, the planet stays in the zodiac for a short time and sends the rays

received from the constellations towards the person for a relatively short time. In such a situation, its effect becomes like a low.

No change in nature:-

In the result astrology, detailed information about the nature of each planet and zodiac (group of constellations) is given. Apart from the color, direction, male-female distinction, element and metal of the planets, the properties of

the signs have also been told.

The nature of planets and zodiac signs is fixed. Their effect may increase or decrease, but the basic nature never changes. When a planet moves to its debilitated sign, it is believed that the effect of the planet in this sign is

relatively less and gives maximum effect in the exalted sign.

Sun is exalted in Aries, Moon in Taurus, Mercury in Virgo, Saturn in Libra, Mars in Capricorn,

Jupiter in Cancer and Venus in Pisces. This means that the influence of planets will be more in these zodiac signs.

On the other hand Sun in Libra, Moon in Scorpio, Mercury in Pisces, Saturn in Aries, Mars in Cancer,

Jupiter in Capricorn and Venus in Virgo gives debilitating effect. Here the effect of these planets is least. Now whether there is an increase or decrease in the effects, there is no

change in neither the planet nor the nature of the zodiac.

In such a situation, when a planet is debilitated or exalted, its effect cannot be called low or exalted.

Planetary lights do not go out:-

In astrology, along with other planets of the solar system, the Sun is also considered a planet,

but in reality, the Sun is not a planet but a star. Where the planets shine with the light of the Sun, the Sun shines with its own light. During the test from Earth, we see that sometimes the planets come very close to the Sun.

In astrology, when any planet comes close to the Sun, it is considered to be set. Generally, all the planets remain in a circle of ten degrees. The statement of the existence of theory astrology has also been taken wrongly in result astrology. For an ast planet, it is assumed that such a planet has lost its influence, but in

reality, this is not the case.

The planets, instead of sending their own rays, send the rays received from the constellations to the natives. Mercury and Venus are the closest planets to the Sun. These planets, which are constantly circling in a small orbit, are the most debilitated. Other planets also set and rise from time to time.

According to astrological astrology,

The real meaning of the setting of these planets is that the planets are now sending the effects of the rays coming

from the constellations (groups of stars) instead of sending them directly. In such a situation,

the effect of the planet will remain the same, but the effect of the Sun will also come in it.

For this reason, the yoga of Buddhaditya has always been considered the best as per Astrologer in Chittaranjan Park delhi.

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