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Astrologer in cr park:- Naukaree paane ke achook upaay || astrology and solutions.

Astrologer in dwarka new delhi on success

Every person has a wish in his life that he should get a good job or his

employment should be his business best. Sometimes, even after having enough qualifications, everything is fine,

written test, an interview is good, there are some obstacles that keep getting the job. Or don’t get a good job.

According to Astrologer in cr park, all this is due to the planets of the horoscope,

due to which the work being done gets spoiled, there is some problem in your job, employment. But by doing some measures silently with full faith and faith,

we can definitely remove all the obstacles in the way of our job.

Astrology & Job part -1

1. For your good job, go to Shiva’s temple on every Monday and talk your mind to Lord Bhole Nath by

offering unbroken Akshat (whole rice, which is not broken) while offering sweet raw milk on Shivling. This removes all the obstacles in the job.

2. On any Ganesh Chaturthi day of the month, offer 7 or 11 Durva on any such picture or idol of Ganesh ji in

which his trunk is turned to the right. Then place cloves and betel nut in front of God and worship them with full devotion. After that, whenever you have to go for any job or important work,

then take this clove and betel nut with you. You will get success in your work.

3. People who want better business, job, they should worship Bajrang Bali in

their house by putting a picture of him flying.

4. If you are unemployed even after making lakhs of efforts or you are not getting any success in your work,

then take a yellow lemon without stains and cut it into four equal pieces. Then in the evening, go to a deserted crossroads, throw them in all four

directions and return home without looking back.

Astrology & Job part -2

5. Do this remedy for seven consecutive days starting from any day of Shukla Paksha. Due to this, work will be started soon, there will be success in job, business.

This practice is especially effective on Amavasya, especially on the day of Shani Amavasya.

6. Whenever you go for a job interview, bury four cloves on a lemon in all four directions

(if you can not make a clove, then pierce the lemon with a alpin and bury the clove)

‘Om Shri Hanumante Namah’ Mantra Chant 108 times and take that lemon with you. Your chances of getting a job will be strong.

7. Whenever you go to give an interview, keep jaggery in a gram or flour peda, and if any cow is seen on the way,

then feed it with your hand, you will get good news.

8. If you keep doing some important work, then you should tie 7 whole bales of turmeric, 7 jaggery nuggets,

one rupee coin in a yellow cloth and throw it across the railway line in Shukla Paksha. While throwing, say give work, this will increase the chances of the work being in your favor.

9. Starting from any Tuesday, go to Hanumanji’s temple barefoot daily for 40 days and offer red rose flowers to him. By doing this, the chances of getting employment soon increase[ Astrologer in cr park ].

Astrology & Job part -3

10. Before going to the interview, take a bath before sunrise in the morning, mix some ground turmeric in

water and then say your wish by lighting 11 incense sticks in front of the Lord. While leaving for the interview, after eating a spoonful of curd and sugar,

first take the right leg out of the house.

11. It is believed that if grains are fed to the birds early in the morning, then the wishes related to job,

employment are fulfilled. If you feed the birds with grains mixed with seven types of grains every morning,

then surely the chances of your desired job will be strong.

12. On every Saturday, while worshiping Shani Dev, chant the mantra “Om Shan Shanishcharaya Namah” 108 times,

this pacifies all kinds of obstacles caused by any planet in the horoscope. Opportunities for getting jobs and employment increase.