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Astrologers in dayal dayalpur delhi on How does fate change ?:-Whatever actions we do mental, physical, or verbal, they get imprinted on our mental surface as a sacrament.

Example – If we sow mango seeds, we only get mangoes. We cannot get any other fruit from it. But for the mango seed to bear fruit properly, external conditions are also responsible, such as good soil, fertilizer, and timely watering. In this example, the seed is the cause and the rest are factors that can be changed (variables). 

From this, it has been proved that suitable conditions are needed for any cause (seed) to flourish. Now we assume that we have sown good seed in good soil and gave it fertilizer and water from time to time, but still, we have to wait for the fruit to become a tree and for the summer season to get the fruit. 

Fate Part 1 – A

Similarly, when we sow the seeds of good deeds or take measures, we should be patient and wait for the time for its fruit. We now understand the same thing for bad deeds.

If we have sown a seed in the form of bad karma in the previous life, if we do not provide it with the right conditions, then we will not get its fruit. Change in the future is through this.

Astrologers in dayal dayalpur delhi on Strength of actions and time taken for measures –

The intensity of karma fruit is divided into 3 parts:-

1- Dridha

2- Dry – blind

3- Non-stop

The hard deeds which are done cannot be easily changed by any means and the fruits of such actions have to be suffered to a great extent. When several planets are responsible for the occurrence of the same situation in the horoscope, then they tell the difficult deeds.

It is very difficult to bring change in such a situation. This situation becomes even more dire when the same conditions are happening in Lagna, Moon Lagna, and Sun Lagna also. It is possible to change this karma only by the grace of God and Guru.

Irregular action is a mixed situation of actions in which actions can be performed ineffectually but very hard efforts are required. It also takes more time and indomitable willpower is also required. At least one year is required for such deeds.

Inadequate karmas can be easily changed with astrological efforts. Mostly the fruits of such efforts are available within 90-120 days.

Remember that the stronger the karma, the more problems arise in correcting it. Time takes a tough test and many times such situations will arise that the rule of taking measures gets broken.

Who can change fate?

Only very virtuous astrologers can predict the future correctly. Time can be seen properly only in the highest state of meditation. Most of us are unable to see or understand time properly due to wandering minds. Destiny can be changed and new destiny can be created only in a thoughtless state of meditation. 

In the state of serious meditation, the past, the present time, and the future all become one. That is, they can be seen well without hindrance. Astrologer calculations can be learned even through training, but the correct knowledge of the future is possible only in the state of meditation.