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Get money, property, and a big job from Ashtadal Kamal by astrologer in Dwarka:
The Ashtadal lotus is considered extremely sacred and important in Hinduism, as it is a symbol of Mahalakshmi. According to Tantric texts, Goddess Lakshmi resides in her eight forms in the Ashtadal lotus. Therefore, wherever there is an Ashtadal lotus, happiness, prosperity, money, splendor, and wealth automatically get drawn there.
Ashtadal lotus is very dear to Goddess Lakshmi. In Vishnu Purana, Mother Lakshmi herself has said that in this lotus I myself am present in my living form. Ashtadal lotus is the basic basis of all the yantras associated with Mahalakshmi. Worshiping it gives the same result as reciting lakhs of Shree Sukta and Kanakdhara Stotra.
Let us know some experienced experiments related to Ashtadal lotus, by adopting which you too can make your life happy, prosperous.
Astrologer in Dwarka suggests the direction should the Ashtadal lotus be placed:-
Ashtadal lotus is found in the markets made of many types of materials. Out of these, you can use whichever metal you want, because every form of it is going to attract Lakshmi. The best Ashtadal lotus is considered to be of gold, silver, ashtadhatu, and crystal.
Ashtadal lotus is kept in the northeast (north-east direction) in your home, shop, or business establishment. This is a place of God, so keeping Ashtadal lotus here gives its full auspicious effect. Although an Ashtadal lotus is a form of Lakshmi in itself, if worshiped by placing an idol of Goddess Lakshmi on it, then it is more beneficial.
Rules for planting Ashtadal lotus
You can keep Ashtadal lotus in any form in your home. If you want, you can put it on the wall as decoration. Can be used as a seat for any deities. As a creative design, it can be placed on the wall on the north, east, or north-east wall of the house.
Where the Ashtadal lotus is placed, a lot of positive energy flows there. It throws out all the negative energy from the house.
Ashtadal lotus yoga
Ashtadal lotus is helpful in bringing the eight limbs of yoga to life, so those who do regular yoga practice must put a big poster of Ashtadal lotus in their practice room and practice yoga asanas in front of it. By writing ‘Om’ in the middle of the Ashtadal lotus in the yoga room, doing tratak on it increases concentration and helps in awakening the third eye.
People and students associated with the field of education should regularly meditate on the Ashtadal lotus. This will sharpen their intellect. There will be the communication of knowledge and they will be successful in every sphere of life with education.
Those who want to get wealth, splendor, material comforts, should keep the octagonal lotus of crystal in a glass vessel and keep it in the northeast. Put a rose flower in it. Keep changing water and rose flower for every disease.

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