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Astrologer in gomti Nagar Lucknow Success life

Astrologer in gomti Nagar lucknow:-Do this work according to the week wise you will get success in life. Auspicious and inauspicious have great importance in Hindu religion. In Hindu religion, before doing any work, its auspicious time is seen, so that success is achieved in that work. Every week of the week has its own importance in Hinduism.

There are many tasks related to every day of the week, some of which are prohibited for that day and some are auspicious for that day. Today we are going to tell you the work to be done according to the war which should be done on that day. So let’s know which day is auspicious to do what work.


It is considered to be the attack of Sun God. On this day new home entry and government work should be done. Wearing precious ornaments, new clothes is auspicious along with administrative, engineering, Science, electricity, etc is considered to be good.


On Monday, if you start any new work related to agriculture, it will be fruitful. Do agricultural work like buying farming equipment, sowing seeds, gardening, planting fruit trees, etc. on this day.

Apart from this, this day is auspicious for wearing clothes and gems, average purchase and sale, travel, artwork, women’s affairs, new work, wearing ornaments, animal husbandry, buying and selling of clothes and ornaments[ Astrologer in gomti Nagar lucknow ].


On this day of Mangal Dev, work related to disputes and litigation should be done. Work-related to electricity, education of surgery, learning of weaponry, fire sports, geology, dentistry, filing a case is auspicious. But do not borrow from anyone even by forgetting on this day.


If you are giving loan to someone, give it on Wednesday. Return of the loan is easily returned given on this day. Apart from this, work related to education, education, retirement, bookkeeping, accounting, craft work, construction work, giving notice, home entry, political thought is auspicious.


To attain success for work on this day you should check the sort of work being done even tough this day naturally is considered auspicious. On this day, education of knowledge and science, religious work, rituals, science, legal work, starting a new education, home peace, auspicious work, etc., are successful simultaneously.


This day is influenced by the planet Venus. On this day worldly work, secret discussions, love dealings, friendship, clothing, wearing and making gems, extracts, perfumes, dramas, photographs, films, music, etc., filling up auspicious stores, cultivating, plow flow, planting grains, age-knowledge education, auspicious.


House building, home entry, operation, technical craftsmanship, machinery-related knowledge, learning knowledge of English, Urdu, Persian, applying oil is especially auspicious, filing a case is auspicious.