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Astrologer in Goregaon east | Dhanteras zodiac

Astrologer in goregaon east – Buying goods according to the zodiac signs on Dhanteras will make you rich



The five-day festival begins with Dhanteras. It is believed that buying new items on this day brings joy throughout the year. Decision- It is mentioned in the Indus and Skanda Puranas that on the Trayodashi of Kartik month, a lamp should be lit at the main door of the house in the evening. This destroys the premature-death defect.



Astrologer in goregaon east on shoping  according to zodiac signs :-


Aries – The lord of this zodiac is Mars, so you can buy any electronic item on Dhanteras. People of this zodiac can also invest in land and building.


Taurus – Its zodiac lord is Venus, so it would be good if you buy hot cakes, utensils or modern food items.


Gemini- The people of this zodiac should buy purses, bags, trolley bags or summons used in travel.


The lord of Cancer-Cancer is the planet Moon, so all of you should buy silver jewelery or any silver-made items. If the financial condition is not good, then you can buy only a square piece of silver.


Leo-Sun is the factor of gold, so people of this zodiac can buy any item made of gold. People who have poor financial condition can buy brass items.


Virgo- Women of this zodiac can buy an item to wear in the ear and men can buy a book or a pen for themselves.


Libra- The second sign of Venus is Libra. Therefore, the merchant class can buy weighing scales and others can buy any item used on the bed like bed seat etc., children’s clothes or children’s toys.


Scorpio – People of this zodiac should buy TV, laptop, table lamp etc. Those people who have shortage of money, they can buy a pot of tobacco.


Sagittarius – People of this zodiac should buy an item made of gold or brass metal or any item to decorate the house.


Capricorn – Buying an item or vehicle made of iron will be good for the people of this zodiac.


Aquarius – The lord of this zodiac is Shani and Shani is the symbol of time. So it would be good to buy hand clock, wall clock etc. People willing to buy utensils can buy tawa, kadhai etc. or black or blue colored items.


Pisces – The owner of this zodiac is the factor of gold and clothes. Therefore, you can buy any item made of gold or any cloth to wear.

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