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Astrologer in greater kailash Luck Karma

Astrologer in greater kailash : -Luck, Karma, and Astrology.How does luck happen?

Those actions of the past birth, the result of which whether it is happiness or sorrow, we experience in the present

life, create destiny. The fate of every person is determined according to the karma of his previous birth and because

of those karmas, one is bound to behave in a particular way in the present birth. 

Happiness-sadness, wealth-poverty, anger, ego, etc., whatever qualities we get in life, all are predetermined. Astrology is not only the science of knowing events, it also tells us our past and future. Ordinary people cannot change fate, nor can fate be known easily.

Because to make changes in the results of karma, a sadhna astrologer and hardworking seeker need to make

efforts with patience for a long time.

Astrologer in greater kailash on What is time and how is it made?

Time is the single greatest force that controls the entire universe. Time has a fixed speed. The different motion of planets brings different times in our life. For example, the Earth’s rotation on its axis creates day and night,

the Moon’s motion around the Earth determines the month, and the Earth’s rotation at the center of the Sun determines the year. The movement of each moment of time has a special quality.

Whenever there is some special time in our life, it is parallel to the waves of the time of creation. For example, the time of marriage or starting a business in our life is also full of energy in the time cycle of space.

Home, We, and Time 

The planets represent our actions. Their speed determines when the energy of which time is beneficial or harmful for us. Due to the definite nature of time, a skilled astrologer can identify its rhythm and analyze the events happening in the past, present, and future.A single planet displays its four forms.

In their lowest form, they show their inauspicious nature / demonic tendencies. Its low form, it shows an unstable and arbitrary nature. In its good form, it tells about the good tendencies of the mind, knowledge, intelligence, and good interests. 

Displays the divine qualities in their highest state, and in the highest state makes the consciousness aware of the Absolute Truth. For example, the planet Mars simply represents the energy of red color. In his lowest state, he makes a lot of trouble. In the following situation, it leads to unnecessary fights.

Luck, Karma continue………………….

This Mars in its right position provides such power that it makes even impossible possibilities of creation possible.
Through astrology, when we come to know the cause of problems through planets, then by removing their energy from negativity, they change it in a positive form through worship, charity, mantra, etc.

Because energy never decays but its form can be changed.This subtle change is very helpful in changing fate. Planets not only cause bondage but also show the way to get rid of those problems.

Astrology, if used properly, harmonizes us and the world consciousness and gives us the power to go beyond the physical limitations of the planets, which is essential for salvation.