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Astrologer in kalkaji on Hans Yoga – Panch Mahapurush Yoga :-This yoga is formed by the planet Jupiter, the deity. When Jupiter is sitting in the first, fourth, seventh or tenth house in its own sign Sagittarius or Pisces or in its exalted sign Cancer, then it is called Hans Mahapurush Yoga.

The person with such yoga has very long, beautiful feet, blood-colored nails and honey-colored eyes. It has also been told that such a person is 86 fingers high. Such a person is proficient in the discipline, knows the scriptures, is happy, respected by big people, has many virtues, virtuous nature, conduct and is of lovable radiance. 

The woman of such a person is beautiful and the person is very passionate. Such a person has a special love in the reservoir. He holds authority in many places. Such a person dies in the forest. It is said that the age of such a person is 82 to 86 years old.

Astrologer in kalkaji says according to some different views, these results are obtained in the most excellent form in Cancer, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces ascendants.

Hans Yoga continues,

Those who have Hans Yoga in their horoscope are very knowledgeable and get the special grace of God. They have a lot of prestige in the society. There is patience and maturity in their nature. They have a knack for finding solutions to problems. They can play the role of very good teachers and managers.

If this yoga is present in the Horoscope the person is a good speaker and lives   near a water source. They live  a life of royalty. They have cough problem. And his wife is Komalangi. These people are beautiful, happy, knower of scriptures, skillful, virtuous and virtuous and religious in nature.

Their nature is very restrained and mature, such people find solutions to problems very easily. You earn a lot of name from your knowledge.

Panch Mahapurush Yoga

Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn form Panch Mahapurush Yoga, which is considered very auspicious for the person, in which Mars forms Ruchak Yoga, Mercury forms Bhadra Yoga, while Jupiter forms Hans Yoga, and Venus creates Malavya. Yoga and Shani form Shasha Yoga. These five yogas are called Panch Mahapurush Yoga.

Excellent results are obtained only if is completely strong. When the effect of other planets comes, high or low results are seen in the result. In such a situation, the maximum result in Panchmahapurush Yogas should be counted when the said yoga is completely free from defects. 

If there is Sun and Moon along with Mars etc. in these five yogas, then the person is not a king, only in the case of those planets, he gets good results. Out of these five yogas, if there is one yoga in one’s horoscope, then he is lucky if there are two, then he is equal to the king, if there is three then the king, if there are four then he is the chief king among the kings and if there are five then he is the Chakravarti king. It is not clear in this statement how these five yogas can be found.


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