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Astrologer in khan market delhi:-Effect of Mars – Normally, there is loss of blood in women during menstruation. In astrology, it is seen as the decrease of Mars. To compensate for this loss of Mars, married couples are

advised to wear red bindi, red bangles, red sari, and red-colored vermilion.

The role of Mars is in the form of authority and brightness. Women can get the radiance of Mars again by wearing red color.

Astrologer in khan market Delhi on effect of Moon 

When the Moon is afflicted, there is a deficiency of minerals and calcium in the body. If the Moon is afflicted by Rahu, Ketu, Mercury, and Saturn, then the woman becomes hoarse, weeping, or discordant. Such women are advised to eat butter with sugar candy every morning on an empty stomach. 

The mineral elements and calcium available in butter rejuvenate the central nervous system of the

person and the person starts laughing and laughing. While analyzing the horoscope of any sick person,

first of all, the power of the planets of 3, 6, and 8 houses should be assessed.

Progeny part 2a

Astrologer in khan market Delhi says according to the horoscope, one can be successful in protecting the

body from various types of diseases and getting rid of them. 

But at the same time, while studying the diseases in the horoscope, while studying these facts,

it is also necessary to study the combination of planets, nature, vision, their supreme or ultimate low position, only then we can reach a decision.

From time immemorial, the sages had already laid down the rules of progeny and restraint,

just as the order of origin and destruction on earth has always been going on and it will continue to be regular in the same way. It is born, then followed, followed by destruction.

It is a matter of our control to produce the desired child, boy or girl, provided we have

sufficient and proper information on this subject. We will discuss here how the birth of a child of the choice according to the scriptures is done.

At the time of conception, if there are auspicious planets in the center and triangle, there are sin

planets in the third, sixth and eleventh houses, there should be a vision of

auspicious karaka planets on the ascendant, Mars, Jupiter, etc.

Progeny part -2b

According to astrologer in khan market Delhi if a rati is performed with the desire of a pre-deserved son,

then surely a worthy son is obtained. At this time only the right voice of the man and the left voice of the

woman should be played, this is a very felt and surefire remedy which does not go empty.

The point to be noted in this is that when the male’s right voice moves, then his right scrotum excretes

more sperms so that more quantity of male sperm comes out. Therefore only a son is born.

If the couple desirous of getting a suitable son, if they follow the following rules, then they will

definitely get the best son. A woman should always sleep on the left side of the man. Lying on the left side for some time starts the right tone and lying on the right side turns on the left voice. 

In this situation, when the right voice of the man starts playing and the left voice of the

woman starts playing, then sexual intercourse should be done. In this situation, if the womb is donated, then surely a son will be born. To test the tone, it can be detected by placing a finger on the nostrils.

Progeny part – 3

To get a suitable girl child, a woman should always sleep on the right side of the man. In this situation, the right voice of the woman will start playing and the left voice of the man lying on the left side of the

woman will start playing. If there is a pregnancy in this situation, then definitely a suitable and quality girl child will be obtained.

After marriage, all the couple have a wish that they must have at least one child –

just as a seed is planted on the earth on time, then the origin of the seed and the growth of

the growing tree goes on smoothly and when the time comes, the highest Fruits are obtained,

if the seed of rainy season is planted in the summer season, then according to its nature,

it will want the same type of weather and need of maintenance and if it is not found, then it will dry up and end [ Astrologer in khan market delhi ].

Progeny part – 4

Similarly, according to nature, as per Astrologer in khan market Delhi man and woman should understand

the reason for conception, by following which you will not only be childless, but your children will also never face miseries in future.

Most of these medicines have been selected from ancient texts and the physicians and experimenters

consider them to be completely successful and experienced, and even by the law of some

mantras and the devotion done with devotion is also fruitful.

There are also some nights in which we should avoid having sex – like Ashtami, Ekadashi, Trayodashi,

Chaturdashi, Poornima, and Amavasya as per Astrologer in khan market Delhi-

It is said by the sage Chandravati that the birth of a boy and a girl depends on the position of right-left

breathing of man and woman at the time of conception, Pingala-tuda Nadi, Suryaswar, and

Chandraswar, if the woman’s right breath at the time of conception,

the daughter and the left If the breath goes, the son will be-If you want to have a son and that too quality,

then for your convenience, we are giving here important information about the different nights after

menstruation – male disease caused by sexual intercourse in the first four days of menstruation. It is received that the method of producing children should be done from the fifth night.