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Astrologer in Lal Kuan delhi on Dream Astrology – Various Dream Fruits

1-Good dream at a glance by Astrologer in Lal Kuan Delhi:

After killing Kansa as described in Brahmavaivarta Purana, the sad Nanda went to Mathura to meet

Virahakul Yashoda, then Lord Shri Krishna explained the philosophy and consoled him. Then Nand asked many questions to Shri Krishna in the spirit of public welfare. He asked Shri Krishna –

O Lord, due to which dream we get the signs of happiness and which dreams are auspicious? The auspicious dreams told by Shri Krishna to Nanda are as follows –

Wealthy dreams – Cow, elephant, horse, palace, mountain, climbing tree, eating food, crying, getting injured by weapons, worms in the wound, blood and feces in the body etc.

Dreams of getting money –

Getting wet with urine, drinking semen, going to hell, going to the red city, entering the red sea,

drinking nectar, elephant, king, gold, bull, singer, lamp, food, fruit, flower, girl, thread, flag, chariot,

Seeing the great water, betel, white paddy, nuts, dancers, footpads, drawing bows, seeing the meadow,

hammering nails into the wall, getting sharp weapons, trees laden with flowers, snakes, meat, fish, pearls, conch shells, sandalwood, Diamond, Mango, Wine, Amla, Lotus, Prostitute entering the house, Brahmin couple, Grain, Pearl necklace, Wreath, Gorochan, Ensign, Turmeric, Sugarcane, Lake, River, White snake, White mountain, Raising fire.

Dream of becoming a world famous poet, scholar- A Brahmin in a dream - to be given a great mantra by a Brahmin, to be taught by a Brahmin, to be presented with a book, to be presented with a book by a girl adorned with ornaments, to be taught like a mother, to put on glasses, to apply fragrance.

To get a high position like a king – Brahmin couple holding an umbrella on their head, scattering white grains,

giving nectar, curd, good pot, wearing a white flower garland, and eating curd or kheer while sitting in a chariot,

lifting an elephant with its trunk and making it sit on its head, a Brahmin to whom his daughter gives,

Divyanari in a dream Come and say ‘You are my master’ and the dreamer will wake up at once. Cow’s milk, ghee, eat kheer, curd, milk, ghee, honey and sweets on a lotus leaf, swim, lions and animals with big jaws, pigs and monkeys,

see the ladder, see the cap, build a house, the dead To talk to,

see the market, see the big wall, see the sun.

Note – It is auspicious to see all white things except ash, cotton, bones in the dream. It is inauspicious to see all black things except elephant horse brahmin.

Seeing dead = Chiranjeev should be there,

Seeing happy is a sign of being unhappy.

To be sick = get cured

Vision of Sun Moon.

Wealth, victory, prestige, happiness, property, son – A urn is filled, a contented brahmin should put it in his heart, give flowers in his hand, see Kali Mata, a crystal garland and a rainbow, bless the brahmin, a satisfied brahmin visit the house, a brahmin couple laughing and give fruits, adorned with ornaments. The divine Brahmin woman enters the house with a smile, has fetters at her feet, sees water, scorpions or snakes, embraces a man adorned with white objects. To see the farm, to see the woman, to see the abyss, to see the white flower, to see the sword.

Dreams of wife benefits – Mare, rooster, crunch, seeing a leaf, suddenly meeting a cow.

Note – In the dream, in the house where the wife Brahmin will come, in that house,

Shiva Shankar with Parvati and Narayan with Lakshmi are auspicious.

Other dreams of getting money –
Touching the right hand, Seeing a penis hole, Nausea, Going to the sun or moon, Eating male flesh,

Eating sweets by climbing a high place, Falling in deep water, Eating excreta or anything lying outside the vomit,

Blood or urine Drink, do ceremonial, Grain, Climbing a fruit tree, Climbing a mountain peak, Milking a cow,

Diamonds and pearls, Grain, Rice earrings, Moong grains, Seeing weapons, Drinking milk with foam,

Wearing a ring, Camel To see, to see the hair cut off, to see the sand.

Note- It is auspicious to see all the white things in the dream,

it is inauspicious to eat only cooked rice. Riding on a white horse, a white elephant, a bird is a sign of material loss.

Land property, big position, happiness, glory, fortune – Darshan of a full reservoir, seeing God eating fruits,

darshan of four-armed God, Lakshmi, Saraswati, Kali Mata, or Shankar Ji, encircling the city, ox, man, bird,

elephant, climbing a mountain and drinking. Eating bread, seeing red fruits, looking at the cloudy sky.

*Other good dreams by Astrologer in Lal Kuan Delhi-


   Seeing the scene of the head being cut or cut off in the dream, victory over the enemy, eating kheer in a silver-golden vessel, fruit falling on the head, mosquito-bed-fly bite, hugging a woman wearing colorful clothes, crying, 

remorse Sleeping or seated on a stone bed, playing the harp or singing, wearing wet clothes, getting disturbed due to fire, getting information about rain or fire, disturbed sleep due to animals and birds, seeing a burning house, seeing ancestors, 

water Playing or bathing, Seeing parents, Immediate sleep or opening, Pagoda, Indra bow, Crown, Coast of fort, Port, Vision of umbrella, Meteorite, Star, Lightning, Touch of cloud, River, Across the sea eating or seeing flowers, seeing earthen utensils, 

seeing or using musk, camphor, sandalwood, adorned women and friends, seeing brothers, nilkanth, stork, flag in hand, creeper, belly, holding a branch of a green tree Smokeless, Smokeless, Flameless eating of fire, Taking fish with water in hand, Seeing conch shell, 

Seeing army or death approaching, Earrings , pearls, cowries, bullocks, armbands, necklaces, crowns, tying bridges, eating soil, seeing or receiving good fortune-turmeric-kumkum, river whirlpools, Durga's vision, sword, bow, razor, chakra, mace etc. , 

Vedghosh, Elephant scream, Horse snort, Nagkesar, Malti, Jasmine, Sesame, Salt, Lavang, Banana, Pomegranate, Lemon, Coconut, Betel nut, Champa, Cardamom, Sand, Paan, Sugarcane, Glass, Brass etc. Seeing, Fruits Cutting a flower containing mango, neem, madar etc., 

biting a white snake, giving neem or climbing on it, seeing bull, peacock, parrot, swan, eagle, piercing head, seeing one's own death, seeing light, seeing dog, seeing lotus, To see iron, to brush, to put a bed on the earth, to drink water from a river, 

to see a stone, to see a forest, to see a lamp burning, to read a letter, to get a pomegranate, to see the sky, to see water in a well, to see rain all over the city, to see an astrologer, a married woman , guru, person with flowers, marriage, 

expressing love to a woman, getting wealth, bathing in the sea, swimming, boys, girls, punishing the wicked, enemy, angel, Apsara, Gandharva, association, congregation, drinking sherbet, pylon, pilgrimage travel, bathe in the Ganges, free from bondage Strength, 

growth of body, fasting of gods, seeing mountains flying, death of family, huge crowd, fort, victory, creation of books etc.

According to Agni Purana, some other auspicious dreams – Growing a tree or tree in one’s navel,

Seeing one’s arm or head, Hair turning white, Catching the moon, sun, and stars, Embracing the flag of Indra,

Taking the waters lying on the earth on one’s body, Enemy’s troubles Seeing, bathing in blood,

milking a cow-buffalo, lioness, elephant, or mare with one’s mouth,

anointing oneself with a cow’s horn or a stream raining from the moon, sitting in an expensive motor or ship,

having sex with an unfamiliar woman e.t.c.