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Astrologer in Lodhi Road Delhi Sunfa Anafa

Astrologer in Lodhi Road Delhi:- Sunfa yoga is the yoga formed from the moon. Sunfa yoga is included in the auspicious and inauspicious yogas formed from the moon. The yogas formed from the moon are also considered special because the moon is the causative planet of the mind. And because of its speed, it affects the person the most as compared to other planets.

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How Sunfa Yoga is Formed:-

If a planet other than the Sun is in another position from the Moon, then it is called Sunfa Yoga. A person with this yoga will be famous for his educational qualifications. He will be wealthy, and will get all the comforts of life.

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Mangal Sunfa Yoga Fruits:-

If Mars is situated in the second place from the Moon in the horoscope, then Mars Sunfa Yoga is formed. This yoga makes a person mighty, wealthy, strong-tempered, speaking harsh words, owner of the land, interested in violence.

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Mercury Sunfa Yoga Fruits:-

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Proficiency in Music and Vedas comes to the person with a Sunfa Yoga formation of Mercury. He is pious, has a special interest in poetry. He is loved by all because of his qualities. The person of this yoga is beautiful in body.

Guru sunfa yoga fruit:-

If Sunfa Yoga is being formed from the Guru, then the person becomes the master of many disciplines. He is famous everywhere because of his ability. He is a follower of religion. And is endowed with wealth along with family.

Venus Sunfa Yoga Fruits:-

Sunfa Yoga is formed by Venus in the Kundali, then the person is a farmer, having land, keeping a house, vehicle. He is also mighty and royal. Apart from this, the quality of cleverness is also found in it.

Anafa Yoga:-

Some special yogas are formed by the mutual position of the planets in the horoscope. The yogas formed in this way are going to increase the wealth and progress of the person. This yoga is formed by Sun, Moon and Ascendant. One of the yogas formed from the Moon is Anafa Yoga.

How is Anafa Yoga formed?

If there is a planet in the twelfth house from the Moon or in the last house except the Sun in the Kundali, then Anafa Yoga is formed. The special thing to note in the formation of this yoga is that the position of the Sun should not be in the twelfth position in this yoga. This yoga is dissolved when the Sun is present.

Anafa yoga fruit:-

A person who has Anafa Yoga in his Kundali is said to be beautiful, strong, virtuous, soft-spoken, and famous. Along with this, he becomes strong from the body. He has the ability to become a politician.

Mangal Anafa Yoga Fruits:-

When Mars is situated in the twelfth house from the Moon, then Mangal Anafa Yoga is formed. When this yoga is in the horoscope, the person becomes the leader of his group. He is brilliant, self-limiting. He believes in his own strength. And is always ready for fights and fights. There is more anger in him.

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Mercury Anapha Yoga Fruits:-

If Anafa Yoga is formed from Mercury, then the person is as beautiful as Gandharva. He is a singer, clever, writer, poet, orator, rajsukh, and a person of fame.

Guru Anafa Yoga Fruits:-

On becoming from Anafa Yoga Guru, a person becomes serious, meritorious, intelligent, receives state honors and is a famous poet.

Shukra Anapha Yoga Fruits:-

If Venus creates Anafa Yoga, then the person becomes popular in the opposite sex. He gets the affection of the king. Along with this, it is a good vehicle. And there is also a possibility of him being a famous poet.

Shani Anafa Yoga Fruits:-

If there is Anafa Yoga with Saturn, then the person is long arms. He is lucky. Virtuous, and has children [ Astrologer in Lodhi Road delhi ]