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Astrologer in Mumbai Fifth house children

Astrologer in Mumbai – How many children will you have, it is also written in your horoscope

Many people often ask astrologers how many children they will get. Will they get happiness or not? The answer
to all these questions is found in the horoscope of man, but for that it is necessary to study the horoscope
very carefully. After studying the horoscopes of both husband and wife, the results should be made according
to the results. In these, the female and male dominated planets play a major role.


Here I am telling you some yogas from which it can be found that which

couple will get how many children.

Fifth house child happiness by astrologer in Mumbai:-

The fifth house in the birth chart is the house of child happiness. The number of planets in this house and the number of planets in sight, the number of children is obtained.
From the sum and vision of male planets, the number of daughter is estimated by the sum and
vision of son and female planets.


Auspicious planetary sight

If there is a vision of auspicious planets on the Sun in the fifth house, then the sum of three sons is formed. In
the fifth, if the Moon of the odd zodiac is in the square of Venus or the Moon is in conjunction with Venus,
then there are sons.


Clear constellations of the three planets

By adding the clear zodiac signs of these three planets, Jupiter, Moon and Sun, there are as many children as
the number of zodiac signs. From the fifth house or from the fifth house to the number in which Venus or
Moon is in that zodiac, the number of children in the middle of the number is obtained.
From the fifth house or from the fifth house to the number in which Venus or Moon is situated, the number
of children should be understood as the number of children. For example, if the first sign is Aries in the fifth
house and the moon is in Gemini, then there is happiness of three children.


Jupiter in fifth house

If there is a Guru in the fifth house, if the Sun is Swakshetri, if the fifth lord is in the fifth, then there are
five children. If Saturn is in the fifth house of Aquarius, then there are five sons. Incase there is Saturn within 6 degrees 40 degrees in Capricorn, then there are three sons. If Mars is in the fifth house, then there are three sons,
there is a guru, then five sons, if there is both Sun and Mars, then there are 4 sons, if there is
Sun and Guru then there are 6 children, in which both can be son and daughter.
Thank goodness there would have been five girls
If the Moon is in the fifth house, then three wise daughters are obtained.
Venus is there then there are five girls and if Saturn is gone then there are seven girls.
Moon of Cancer is in the fifth house then there is Alpasantan Yoga.
Fifth lord is debilitated and is conjoined with the malefic planets in the 6th, 8th, 12th house,
then the couple is deprived of child happiness.