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Astrologer in Nehru Nagar delhi Laxmi Narayan

Astrologer in Nehru Nagar delhi on Laxmi Narayan Yoga:-The conjunction of Venus with Mercury forms

“Lakshmi-Narayan” yoga, the result of which is a Raja Yoga factor. This “Lakshmi-Narayan” yoga does not show much good effect in Aries, Sagittarius, Pisces ascendant.

Being in the second-fifth house, the “Lakshmi-Narayan” yoga formed by the conjunction of Venus and Mercury, there are many types of arts inside the person.

Similarly, if Venus of the twelfth house is in any zodiac other than Virgo, then in a way it creates “Bhog Yoga”,

this yoga increases the auspicious results related to Venus and the person gets maximum and

more auspicious results related to Venus.

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Lakshmi-Narayan” yoga part – 2

Astrologer in Nehru Nagar delhi:-Many Raja Yogas are also formed from the position of Venus,

in which Venus is the only Raja Yogakarak when it is strong in Vargottam or otherwise.

This yoga is effective in only a few ascendants, as in Virgo ascendant, Venus is the yogkarak by being lucky,

similarly, in the horoscopes of Capricorn, Aquarius ascendant,

it would be a special Rajyoga factor in both these Capricorn,

Aquarius ascendant, in any way, it alone is also strong and powerful. If sin is devoid of the influence of planets, then Raja Yoga is formed, whose results are auspicious.

The auspicious “Kalanidhi Yoga

formed with the help of Venus gives the person to Raja Yoga by making the person an expert in

some or the other art. In this yoga, there is cooperation of three planets, when Jupiter in the second and

fifth house is in conjunction with Venus and Mercury, especially if there is a conjunction, then Kalanidhi yoga is formed.

The second and fifth house are related to art, therefore, from the second fifth house itself,

Kalanidhi Yoga is formed with the cooperation of Jupiter, Venus and Mercury.

In this way, many other auspicious yogas are formed from Venus, which are special beneficial yogas.

Whatever be the yoga,

It is necessary to have the purity of the yoga, only then it results well, like the planets forming the yoga and

the planets with the planets that form the yoga should not be set or inauspicious,

the planets in degrees are at the very initial or the last degrees.

Do not be afflicted, do not suffer from debilitated or too many malefic planets in the

Navamsa Kundli, the planets forming the Yoga, etc. If the Mahadasha-Antardasha is favorable and auspicious on the person, then the yoga shows its full effect by performing well.

Auspicious yoga.

The auspicious results of auspicious yoga can be increased by sacrificing the planets that make up auspicious yoga.

Venus is the factor of opulence, attraction, pleasures, and fun in astrology, the biggest thing is that

there is more bad work and good results in the horoscope, but it depends which is your ascendant, and

which house is the owner of in the horoscope.

When it is debilitated,

It gives the worst results, which probably no debilitated planet gives, here it is a matter of Venus in

ascendant, then Venus in the ascendant gives you an attractive personality, has a high profile,

has a high profile, a person always wants to become Will be fond of living,

will get along very well with female friends, and will be opulent, but if this Venus is debilitated in the Ascendant,

then the character of the person remains in turmoil, there are relations with many women and

these relationships become the reason for their downfall. And causes a lot of infamy,

if this Venus is placed in the horoscope of a woman, then it creates a very fond mood and mood, and

if it is of low zodiac, then that woman can go to any extent to fulfill her hobbies.