Astrologer In New Gurgaon Malefic Venus

astrologer in new gurgaon malefic Venus

Venus compatibility remedies by astrologer in new gurgaon

If you are suffering from Venus, your Venus is running in its antardasha or Venus is situated in the sixth, eighth or twelfth house or is aspected by malefic planets, in any way Venus is weakening and giving inauspicious results.
Don’t be upset at all. We tell you some such measures, which by doing reverence will start getting the favorable results of the planet Venus. If your Venus is weak, then the thumb of the right or left hand starts hurting without any reason.
Simple solution by astrologer in new gurgaon
Never wear dirty clothes.
The malefic effects of Venus can also be attenuated by helping grieving women or women’s institutions.
Donating ghee, cow, curd, camphor, pearls and sandalwood etc. to Brahmins is beneficial.
While leaving the house, eat sugar and go out.
Donate milk, jowar when Venus is afflicted.
If the health of the wife is bad, then for 6 consecutive Fridays, rub white sandalwood on a white stone and shed running water. By doing this, the health of the wife will start getting better.
Donate milk, jowar when Venus is afflicted. Before the meal, take all the things in the plate and feed it to a white bull or cow and also donate silver, rice and strange colored clothes.
If Venus is malefic in the Ascendant and there is no planet in the 7th and 10th house, then in the 25th year there will be marriage and post-marriage troubles, wife separation. Consume cow urine and feed grains to birds.
Married life can become discordant
If malefic Venus is in 2nd house and Jupiter is in 8th, 9th, 10th house then married life will be discordant, character will be evil and secret diseases.
In the ninth house, bury the malefic Venus in square pieces of silver under bitter neem. If there is Moon or Mars with Venus, then at the time of building a house, fill a small earthen pot with honey and bury it in the foundation.
12th Venus is inauspicious for the wife. Bury blue flowers in the forest in the evening. Venus in the 12th house is inauspicious for the wife. Bury blue flowers in the forest in the evening.
If Venus is in 12th house and Rahu is in 2nd, 6th, 7, 12th house, then till 25th year it is painful. In this situation keep black buffalo or cow.