Astrologer In Noida Sec 19 Bad Results

astrologer in noida sec 19 bad results

Planets punish these mistakes, so be careful by astrologer in Noida sec 19

It is known to all that all the planets in the sky have an effect on humans as well as on the entire nature, environment, and animals. Even inanimate objects are affected by planets. In astrology, nine planets are the basis of the horoscope.
If any planet is inauspicious in the horoscope, then the person gets bad results related to it and if any planet is auspicious then its good results improve the life of the person. It was talked about the planets present in the horoscope, but the actions of a person are also responsible for the auspicious and inauspicious results of his planets.
According to the kind of bad deeds a person does, the planet related to it starts giving inauspicious results and if someone does auspicious work then the planet related to it becomes lucky.
Let us know which planet starts giving bad results due to doing wrong work explained by astrologer in Noida sec 19 :-
Sun: Sun is the karaka planet of the soul and it is very important to be auspicious in the horoscope. Prestige, position, and prestige in life are attained only because of the Sun. But Sun starts giving bad results when a person steals any kind of money.
By deceiving his own people, snatches money from them or evades any kind of tax. Surya gets angry even with a person who troubles his father.
Moon: Moon is a planet of female nature. When a person insults respectable women, mother, wife, daughter, sister, grandmother, grandmother, mother-in-law or other women. If they grab their money, then the moon may be strong in that person’s horoscope, but it starts giving inauspicious results. By insulting milk, curd, ghee, sweets, Chandra’s pain starts coming.
Mars: One who quarrels with his brother. Take possession of brother’s property by fraud. Insult a brother’s wife and children. If you keep an evil eye on someone else’s property, then you should be ready to suffer the bad results of Mars. Mars gets angry with anyone who causes bodily harm to any person or animal.
Mercury: If he kills a cow while eating green fodder, kills birds, insults his sister, daughter, aunt, sister-in-law, and aunt, and hurts them, then the person’s Mercury starts giving inauspicious results. Mercury gets annoyed even by laughing at the eunuch.
Venus: When a person causes trouble to his/her spouse. By deceit, he takes the property of his name in his name, wears dirty torn clothes, he never gets the auspicious results of Venus. Because of this, a person is never able to make economic progress.
Shani: The person who kills money for the rights of people belonging to the lower class. Do not give them full money for their work. Insults the servants of the house. Shani gets angry if he consumes alcohol and meat. Those who do not vacate the rented house or shop or do not return the vehicle rented from anyone, have to suffer the bad results of Shani.
Rahu: Rahu of a person who troubles his elder brother gets spoiled. Rahu gives trouble due to disputes with the people on the maternal side. Rahu gives inauspicious results by killing a snake.
Ketu: By beating a dog, hitting a dog, giving false testimony against someone, Ketu definitely starts giving results. Ketu starts getting bad results by troubling his nephew, nephew, and friends, not supporting them, taking away their rights.