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Astrologer in Pitampura Horoscope for riches

Astrologer in Pitampura:-These conditions in the Horoscope gets an individual riches. Money is one of the important needs of a person in life. It is difficult to live life without it. In such a situation, the desire of the person remains to earn more and more money.

But many yoga’s formed in the horoscope determine the position of wealth in the fate of a person. There are many such yoga’s in astrology whose being in the horoscope can tell how

much and when a person will get money in life. There is no better happiness than wealth in the horoscope.

Horoscope for riches

Dhan Yoga or Lakshmi Yoga is very important in the horoscope for the attainment of wealth and splendor. A person can become wealthy under the influence of some special yoga formed in the horoscope. The second house of the birth chart is the factor of wealth and wealth.

In the presence of auspicious planets in this house, a person gets immense wealth and wealth. The life of a person affected by wealth is not less than that of a king. Wealth is attained without Hard-work on the formation of this yoga[ Astrologer in pitampura ].

They do not get money by hard work but by luck. There will hardly be any yoga more joyful than wealth. The beneficiary leads a long and healthy life. Their whole life is endowed with wealth & splendor[ Astrologer in pitampura ].

The second house in the horoscope is called money house.

The position of its lord gives an indication about the wealth to be collected. The fourth house of the horoscope indicates to lead a happy life. The fifth house tells our productivity, the sixth house deals with debts and responsibilities. 

Partnership in Business is considered from the Seventh House. Apart from this, the eleventh house is related to income and the twelfth house is related to expenditure. The importance of meaning in life was accepted prominently since ancient times. Its effect is also visible in astrology. 

When only the second house is active, the person has money, but there is no fixed source of income, whereas when both the second and eleventh houses are strong and active, the person also has wealth and the power to generate more money from that money. . Only such a person will be called rich in the true sense.

The planets and houses representing wealth in the birth chart should be thoroughly discussed. Predictions of Wealth is considered from Eleventh,ninth,fifth and second House of the Horoscope in the Vedic astrology. Fifth and eleventh have special importance in getting wealth[ Astrologer in pitampura ].

According to Maharishi Parashar, as at the time of the incarnation of Lord Vishnu, his Shakti Lakshmi meets him,

then there is a creation of favor in the world. Similarly, when the lords of the centers make a

relation with the Bhaadhipatis of the triangles, they create powerful wealth yoga. 

If the lord of the center is also the lord of the triangle, which is also called Raja Yoga in astrological language.

If its causal planets are even a little strong, then in their Mahadasha and

Antardasha they are definitely going to increase in wealth, position, and respect.

Know about some of the major miraculous wealthy yoga’s:-

The wealth of a person is measured by his amenities. In such a situation, the role of Venus is becoming increasingly important.

When Venus is in a better position in the horoscope of a person, the person leads a comfortable life.

If a benefic planet is sitting in the second house of the horoscope,

then the person gets a lot of money.

Even if there is a sight of an auspicious planet on the second house of the birth chart,

the sums of abundant wealth are formed.

The lord of the second house i.e. the second lord is considered to be Dhanesh, so even if there is a sight of

an auspicious planet on him, the person does not have any shortage of money.

A person has a lot of money even when the lord of the second

house is sitting with the second lord.

The lord of the second house should be sitting in the center from

where the lord of the Ascendant ascendant is sitting.

When Jupiter i.e. In the Horoscope Guru is in the center. Jupiter should have complete vision on Mercury. (5,7,9)

Horoscope for riches continued,

If Jupiter is situated in the benefic house, then the person becomes very wealthy.

The person increases the family wealth if the Tenth House is occupied buy the Lord of the Ascendant.

When Ketu is placed in the eleventh house, the person gets income from abroad.

Except Rahu if there is any other planet in the eleventh house including Mars and

Saturn the possibility immense gains is always there in business.

When Jupiter, Mercury, and Venus are in conjunction in any house, the person earns money through religious works.
Ancestral property Is attained if Jupiter is in the eleventh house, Mars is in the fourth house, or

If Sun is in the fifth house.

When the tenth lord enters Taurus, Libra, and Venus, a person gains money through his wife.

Rahu, Saturn, and Mars promote earnings from commission work if present in the seventh house.

If the seventh house is in the tenth house and the tenth house is with the

ninth in its exalted zodiac, then there is a wealth of profit.

When Panchmesh is in the tenth house, a person gains money from his children.

A person’s life is full of happiness when the planet Mercury is in Cancer or Aries.

Horoscope for riches continues,

The second lord being of exalted sign should be sitting in the center. Dhanesh and benesh should be exalted. If Moon and Jupiter are in conjunction in any auspicious house, then the person becomes wealthy.

Jupiter being Dhanesh should be with Mars. If both Moon and Mars are together in the center or both Moon and Mars are together in a triangle, then the person becomes wealthy in life.

Both Moon and Mars should be in benefic house together.

If auspicious planets are sitting in the third, sixth, tenth, and eleventh house from the ascendant, then there is wealth.

If the Mount of Saturn i.e. the area under the ring finger and Mount of Venus is more complete,

beautiful and the fate line starts from the Mount of Venus i.e. the area near the thumb and

reaches the middle of the Shani area, then there will never be a

need for money in the life of such people. There is no shortage. These people make a lot of money.

If the fate line starts from the area below the little finger and reaches the mount of

Saturn without being cut by any line, then this line is also auspicious. Due to its effect, a person gets special benefits in money-related works.

To give strength to Bhagyesh, plant trees with broad leaves in the house.

Special ways to get money by Astrologer in pitampura:

Om Shri Hrim Shri Kamle Kamallaye Prasid Shrim Hrim Shri Om Mahalakshmayai Namah” By chanting this

mantra daily with a garland of Kamalgatte, one gets rid of debt. Light an eternal flame for 11 days in front of Maa Lakshmi and feed eleven girls on the 11th day. Offer a coin and Mehendi by getting it done.

Make Rotis of five and a quarter kilograms of flour and one and a quarter kilograms of jaggery and

feed it to the cow in the evening on Thursday. By doing this remedy regularly for three Thursdays,

the lack of money will end.For sudden monetary gains, put a knot in the hair of the banyan,

but after the profit of money, it must be opened.

For monetary gains, lighting a lamp of cow ghee in front of Shri Mahalakshmi or Tulsi plant on

Friday at twilight is definitely beneficial.Wrap black turmeric in a red cloth by giving vermilion and

incense and keep it in the vault along with one or two coins. It is possible to get money by this method.