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Astrologer in Pragati Vihar delhi on Moon and Psychology.

There is a very close relationship between the Moon and psychology. According to astronomy and science, when there is a tidal wave or a tsunami in the ocean,

then the moon, which is also called the moon, becomes the reason behind it,

so according to science, after the sun, the moon has the most effect on our earth.

It goes, we can understand it directly in such a way that the Sun,

which is the source or factor of energy in the solar system, gives us light, energy,

which is very important for the variables living on this earth.

It is necessary and at the same time the Moon, which is the factor of coolness,

takes energy from the Sun and sprays cool energy on the variable constants of this earth,

which becomes necessary for the nourishment of our conscience.

Now when we are talking about the moon, we will consider it to be of the causal mind and

at the same time we will see why the moon is considered to be the lord of the mind.

Moon is also called the mind of Kaal Purush

As per Astrologer in Pragati Vihar delhi the moon is also called lunar and the person who becomes

semi-deranged is also called lunatic, so it means that the moon affects the mind of every

human being very much and the moon is the reason behind the madness.

Moon is also called the mind of Kaal Purush and whose phases decrease for the first fifteen days and

increase for the remaining fifteen days, which we also call Krishna Paksha and Shukla Paksha,

Moon is also considered to be the ruler of twenty seven Nakshatras and exalted in Rohini Nakshatra.


It is believed that because in that constellation the phases of the moon move towards perfection. Generally it is seen that when the time of Pooranmashi comes, then there is a tide in the sea because the

water which is also called water, its factor is also considered to be the moon and

on the day when there is a full moon,

the water on that day. is attracted towards the factor and at that time the people whose moon is weak,

they start having mental problems, that is, their restlessness increases, similarly it happens on the new moon day when the moon is considered weak, so this conclusion

It turns out that the moon has a very deep relationship with the mind and if

we see the position of the moon in a horoscope,

then we get to know clearly how fickle or strong our mind will be when someone’s moon is with Rahu, Ketu.

He will keep her confused and tense with Shani and sad inside and away from worldliness and the same

Moon when it is with Venus will keep her craving for material pleasures and

gives her inner happiness by making Gaj Kesari Yoga with Jupiter.

Shukla Paksha

True happiness is possible only with the union of Jupiter with Moon, but only It is also seen to sit in good

houses and not fee, that is, the rising moon of Shukla Paksha is considered good,

it is said to be the side force of Moon, so when the Moon is weak,

the horoscope also becomes weak.

Balban position in any horoscope of both Sun and Moon makes that person strong, powerful and

successful, and in the end it will be said that as we get the fruits of our own actions,

in the same way the house in the horoscope.

Reflect no one else’s fault in this, the fault is our own, because we always live in the illusion and

illusion of the world, so they keep blaming each other, our illusion is only that we are in the clouds [ Astrologer in Pragati Vihar delhi ].

Moon and Psychology Continues,

When the sky is covered by the sky, we assume that there is no sun, when the sun is immortal,

behind the clouds, then the planet and our deeds keep confusing us in the same way or

it would be correct to say that we remain confused, then Cultivating the illusion of reason makes us mentally ill,

now all this is in our hands or not, what to do in this debate, which It is in front and it

should be our effort to fix what is in front, and whatever it is, it means good deeds,

good thoughts, good behavior, trust in God, even if all the houses are not completely calm,

still we are good to some extent. Life can definitely pass,

but the condition is the same, efforts should be made by mind, word and order and

not with artificiality, because only we keep deceiving ourselves with it, so if we

want our homes to improve, then we should by means


More attention should be paid to more good deeds and good deeds should also be done from the

heart and Nishkam because “the world in which we live, we are taught to put on masks so

that the world does not recognize us, but no mask moves in front of God”.

When we try to put a mask in front of God, then we get entangled in our own web or illusion,

then even the remedies of the planets give only this message that keep doing good deeds,

good deeds and selfless deeds and then see that What a grace of God!