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Astrologer in Panchsheel Enclave delhi on Astrology and businessDashamsa_Kundli_Analysis,Dasamsa Kundli tells about the work area of ​​the person, what business the person will do, how much he will be successful in it, gives complete information about it. Ascendant and tenth house house are the most important houses.

After this, other houses of tenth house, Bhavesh and Navagraha play their important role. Lagna / Lagna of the tenth house gives the outline of the work area / employment of the native.

The second house and the Bhavesh in the tenth horoscope will tell how much money will be received from

whatever work the native / caste is doing because this house is of wealth.

The third house is of his courage. The position of this house tells that the person will How responsible and

courageous he is about the work he is doing or is doing,

how hard he can be successful in his business or job.

Dasamsa continues,

The fourth house is of public, happiness, land, with this house the person will get happiness from his work area. Or not and then how much? Will there be public support or not, etc. For the work area, the fourth house is seen in the tenth house.

The fifth house in the tenth house will tell how well the person uses his intelligence

power in his work area / job / business. How well is he able to manage his business or not.

The sixth house shows the obstacles and obstacles in the work area, if this house is auspicious and

favorable in the tenth horoscope, then the person does not have to face obstacles in the work area. The person is successful without any problems.

Due to the strong seventh house of the tenth house, it gives success in business by making strong business yoga,

this house will tell how much cooperation other people will get in their business or work area. How the person can get out of trouble in time or will go into loss will tell this house.

Astrologer in Panchsheel Enclave delhi on Navam bhave Bhavesh:-

This is the most important because this house is the fate of the tenth horoscope,

how much will this house and Bhavesh support the fate of the person in the work area. It will be decided that this house of Bhavesh is strong and auspicious.

The native makes a lot of progress in the work area because this house of the tenth house determines

the level of luck in the work area. Whether there is success in job or in business or any other field of work,

it is necessary for this house to be strong in the aspect of auspicious and favorable planets.

How much profit is there, what will be the level of income? Similarly, the twelfth house will be in the work area of ​​the native in a foreign or distant place,

will tell whether the situation of loss is in the work area or not.

In this way, by studying the Dasamsa Kundli from the 12 houses of the Dasamsa Kundli,

complete information about every aspect of your work area, job, business, etc. can be taken in

detail from the Dasamsa Kundli. Dasamsa Kundli is tested for accurate

information about the life related to the work field, how much will the person be successful in his work field? etc. business.