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Astrologer in punjabi bagh Grahan Dosha

As per astrologer in Punjabi bagh Moon-Rahu conjunction makes a person suspicious and mysterious, this eclipse yoga increases mental stress. If you come across a person who talks only in riddles, believes in sarcasm,

seems flustered, has a tendency to hide facts, then decide that there is

Moon-Rahu somewhere in that person’s horoscope. The combination exists.

Moon-Rahu conjunction is also called eclipse yoga.

As per astrologer in Punjabi Bagh, the occultism of Rahu affects the softness of Moon and the

person becomes suspicious, inferior minded and esoteric.

This combination increases mental stress. Decreases ability to adapt to conditions. These individuals quickly become victims of depression, mental illnesses. Diseases like hysteria, epilepsy have also been observed. This conjunction shows danger from the upper obstacle, hidden enemy, water. It also creates tension in married life.

If other yogas are strong then the occultism of Moon-Rahu can make a person a writer of mystic stories,

magicians, etc.
To reduce the inauspicious effect of Moon-Rahu, Moon should be made strong. Use of silver, service of mother, worshiping Shiva, and donating white things on Monday can give worthy results.

Astrologer in punjabi bagh on Eclipse Yoga or Grahan Dosha –

This dosha is formed when Sun or Moon is in conjunction with Rahu or Ketu. In the phase of lunar eclipse and solar eclipse dosha, the person feels fear and nervousness. Irritability becomes part of his nature. Mother’s happiness decreases.

After starting any work, always leaving it incomplete and thinking about new work are the symptoms of this yoga. In my small experience of 3 years, I have seen many such horoscopes in which this yoga was being formed and

the native was suffering from some phobia or some kind of fear.

People who always have this fear in their mind, understand for example that “If I go to the hills like Manali or

Shimla, then the bus will overturn. If I go there by train, the bomb will explode in the train.”

All such negative thoughts come to mind because of this defect.

Generally, any type of phobia or any mental illness like depression, schizophrenia, etc. is believed to be due to the

effect of this dosha, if the moon here becomes more polluted or if other sins are also under the influence,

then epilepsy, dizziness, and completely There is also the fear of losing mental balance.

The eclipse yoga formed by the Sun reduces the happiness of the father. The physical structure of the person remains weak. Causes eye and heart diseases. Government job is either not available or it is difficult to

maintain it, departmental inquiry, punishment, jail,

obstruction in promotion are all the result of this fault.

Remedy –

It is not necessary that we should do the remedies by investing thousands of rupees, only by doing heavy

measures, worshiping the planets or God, as astrologers tell nowadays. But we can please God and the planets even by taking small measures.

It is necessary to have true devotion and faith in that Supreme Father Supreme Soul in that remedy. For the Sun God and also for the Moon God, we can

make them strong in our horoscope by doing this remedy.

In the eclipse defect caused by the Sun or the weakness of the Sun God in the horoscope, we should offer

Arghya to the Sun God on the preetiday, put some jaggery, Kumkum and Kaner flowers or any

red color flowers and this mantra to the Sun God “Om Ghrini Suryay Namah”.

Offer arghya while chanting or “Om Hraam Hraum Sah Suryay Namah”. Apart from this, the recitation of the very ancient and well-known Aditya Hridaya Stotra is considered very important and

paramount for worshiping the Sun God and it gives its effect to the person very soon.

The best remedy for the lunar eclipse defect caused by the Moon and Rahu or Ketu, worshiping Lord Shiva,

anointing him with raw milk with water on the day of his adoration proves to be very beneficial because the

moon is situated in the hairs of Lord Shiva and Shiva is worshiped by God. There is great pleasure in worship.

Apart from this, place the yantra of the moon god at the place of worship in the house and at the time of your

worship (morning and evening), worship the yantra with incense lamp and chant the moon mantra

“Om Shram Shreem Shrom Sah Chandramse Namah”.

Saturn-Moon conjunction-Pratiyuti Stay away from non-vegetarian-drinking

If Saturn and Moon are together or face to face, then this combination is usually considered to be troublesome. The effect of Saturn on the Moon weakens the mental power, creates a state of mental stress and mental diseases.

The will and confidence of the person decrease, due to excessive emotionality,

the tendency of the person to aim is also less. So luck is late. Especially during Sade Sati, very unfavorable results are obtained.

If this conjunction is in Taurus, Libra, Capricorn, or Aquarius, then it is auspicious. These individuals are full of psychic power, have the ability to understand transcendental signs,

the sixth sense can also be awakened. One can study astrology or research psychology. The latter part of their life is pleasant.

If the Shani-Moon combination is troublesome in the horoscope, then worship Shani regularly and

take measures to make the moon strong. Also, read good literature, make company of good friends. Stay away from non-vegetarian drinks.

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