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Astrologer in Sant Nagar delhi Ascendant

Astrologer in Sant Nagar delhi-Effect on the native according to the ascendant in the horoscope

Aries Ascendant as per Astrologer in Sant Nagar delhi

If there is Aries ascendant at the time of birth, then the person is of average stature, fine body, quick temper, red eyes, ambitious, courageous, weak legs, feminine, arrogant and unstable wealthy. If this ascendant is under the influence of cruel planets, then the person becomes passionate and quarrelsome.

These people are often not of a stable nature, so they change jobs again and again in life. Still, he has the quality of working efficiency and never getting discouraged. Their nature is often hot and they like to settle the responsibility lying on them quickly, that is, it is not their nature to delay the work.

They are fond of food, but still they are able to eat less food and it is their nature to eat fast. Sometimes a disorder is seen in their nails, these people can expand their talent in bold deeds.

Taurus Ascendant –

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The natives in this ascendant are of medium body, fat free and have fond nature. He is often the owner of Sudarshan personality.Often the color is open wheat and the hair is shiny. Their thighs are strong and their gait is mastani. They have a lot of patience, so they do not get excited very quickly.

When angry as much as possible, these people become dreadful. These people often have strong will power and achieve great success in life.They do not take any step in haste. They earn money and want to enjoy all the pleasures of the world. The middle part of their life is spent quite happily. There is an abundance of female children here.

Gemini Ascendant –

The child born in the Gemini ascendant is tall and has bright eyes.Their arms are often seen to be long. These people are usually happy and anxious. These people are often interested in ancient scriptures. And he is a good speaker.

Their specialty is to present their point effectively. Their name is long and tall. These people keep friendship with women or people younger than themselves.They have little power to make unilateral decisions. These people can do many business.

They are emotional by nature and sometimes do charity even after suffering their loss in emotion. These people are of high intellectual level. And in order to become rich soon, sometimes they take the hobby of betting or lottery.Their middle stage is often a struggle. These people are also full of poetic power.

Cancer Ascendant –

People of this ascendant are of short stature. Their body is often fat and due to the water element, they get caught in the cold early. Their lungs are weak. They are fond of drugs. Their life is often changeable.

They have to struggle in their earlier stages. His imagination is good and he is fond of writing. Passion is their weakness and they want to run fast in life. These people usually earn money and respect in the middle age and consider themselves to be something superior. Their memory power has also been seen amazing.

These people are usually talkative. If there is no effect of auspicious planets in the seventh house, then their married life will not be happy. They are very fond of household life. Their dream is to accumulate wealth.

They have a passion for good things.Their ideology is sometimes very heroic and sometimes very brave. In the third phase of life, they also get inherited wealth and property.

Leo Ascendant –

The people of this ascendant are sharp and angry. Their stature is medium and personality is rough, they are prone to stomach and teeth diseases.There is a lot of ambition. These people are very stubborn in their words and when they get high authority, they make a lot of noise.

Their married life is often not happy. These people also get into politics. These people have more faith in others. Often these kind and generous-hearted people are very just.These are more dear to the mother. They are also fond of inedible eating. sons are few. And the children are also few.

Virgo Ascendant

People of this ascendant are usually not fat and their belly comes out less. These people are timid and intelligent. They have less interest in formal education. These people are very fast in the world.These people understand the meaning of the scriptures, love mathematics, are fond of medicine or astrology and are virtuous.

These people marry late and after marriage get engrossed in the household. Their eyebrows meet each other. Love these makeup.They are more inclined towards accumulating wealth. They are of variable nature. So they try to be all-rounders.

If there is a weak Ascendant, then they are luckless and get good success after struggle in the strong Ascendant. They are very fond of traveling.The influence of femininity is found in their aptitudes.

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Libra Ascendant –

The personality of the people of this ascendant is splendid and attractive. Their nose is long and fair in colour [ Astrologer in Sant Nagar delhi ].

Basically they are very religious, truthful, control the senses and have sharp intellect. They have a serious nature. If there is an auspicious effect on the eighth house and Jupiter, then despite being worldly, they are examples of human values.

Due to the brutal impact, they often become fast, drivers and those who do physical labor. A sense of detachment can also arise in these people. These people often do not give much detail to worldly relations and often face opposition from their family. The level of their imagination and ideas is generally advanced.

They gain popularity. Many great saints are born in Libra ascendant. Mahatma Gandhi and Vivekananda were the people of Libra ascendant. Libra ascendant people are very loving. These people are often found writers, preachers, traders etc.

Scorpio Ascendant –

People of these ascendant are of balanced body and their knees and calves are rounded. These people stick to their point, often they hold on to the matter without even thinking about it. Although their imagination power is sharp and they are also intelligent but they cannot even recognize the deceiver near them.

Often they show wisdom when cheated. They can be easily folded anywhere. Are of sensual nature and have physical relations with other women other than their own. They are simple in appearance but many philosophers agree with this. That they have a tendency to commit sins hidden in them.

Naturally, they are of expendable nature, but spend most of their time on their leisure and hobbies. Their domestic life is often disturbed, if there is a marriage with auspicious effects, then their interest becomes towards the secret sciences. They are also efficient administrators when born in the ascendant with auspicious effects.

Sagittarius Ascendant –

These people are of good physical build. These people are very beautiful when they have good influence. If there is a bad effect on the ascendant, their teeth and nose become thick. They are hardworking and patient. These people are not able to take quick decisions and do any work only after much thought.

They are passionate and without laziness, so they move ahead in life. These people are often truthful and honest, but if Saturn, Rahu, Mars influence the ascendant, then they often become selfish and deceitful too. Then there is a big difference between their words and deeds. Often these people are rich and lucky.

Capricorn Ascendant –

People of this ascendant come out of tall stature. Their physical development is gradual. They have a tough personality in appearance. These people listen very carefully to the words of others and learn a lot only by listening. They have a lot of stamina.

These people look at everything from a very practical point of view. These people slowly do their work with satisfaction. If there is an inauspicious effect on the Ascendant, then these people become deceivers, pickpockets, thieves and show grandeur. On the contrary, they are honest and conscientious when there are auspicious effects.

These people are blind-devoted, sacrificing everything out of love and not being controlled by power. These people are very hardworking. And have a great sense of service towards everyone. If their self-respect is protected, then they do great deeds of great charity and charity.

They are stubborn. And face the trouble with a tight chest. Often they are the believers of old ideology.

Aquarius Ascendant

The people of this ascendant are of full height and long neck. These people are seen to be very balanced nature and love solitude. They have the ability to fight. These people can stake everything for their theory. Sometimes they get very lucky for a short time. These people start getting success only after twenty years.

Their work is not completed overnight, but has to be done with hard work. It is a very difficult task to run them in their own way by explaining their point of view. But when they understand the matter, they will accept it with full sincerity and readiness. They are often dissatisfied in life from all sides.

These people sometimes express their dissatisfaction in the form of conflict or rebellion. They have amazing ability to bear physical pain. Their marriage is of little late and often mismatched. These people try to run everyone in their own way. Often their fortunes are not permanent. Still they are very famous in their field.

Pisces Ascendant as per Astrologer in Sant Nagar delhi –

People of these ascendant are often seen short. Their forehead is slightly larger in proportion to the average body. These people feel restless in life and sometimes lean towards philosophies. These people are unstable. They have the qualities to become an actor, poet, doctor, teacher, or musician.

They often get ancestral property and they try their best to increase it. Inwardly these people are submissive and timid. They have more children. And they are not entrepreneurs by nature. They have to suffer sudden loss in life. If Jupiter is under inauspicious effect in inauspicious places, then the chances of their life are weak in the initial stage.

In this way we know that the birth Ascendant contributes greatly to the structure of human nature and personality. Due to the effect on the ascendant, there is a deficiency or excess in the above mentioned qualities. If the Ascendant becomes strong and is aspected or combined with auspicious planets in auspicious places, then it removes many defects[ Astrologer in Sant Nagar delhi ].