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Astrologer in sarai kale khan delhi Birth

Astrologer in Sarai kale khan Delhi – will the Child will be a son or daughter?

At the time of a woman’s menstruation, from the natal Moon in the woman’s birthplace, when the Moon

transits except for the 3rd, 6th, 10th, and 11th houses i.e. Lagna, 2nd, Chaturthi, seventh, eighth, ninth, and twelfth house and it is called Mars. 

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Sees and in the birth chart of a man, when the transiting moon from the natal Moon is in any one of the

3,6,10,11 houses and the Moon is visible from the Guru, then the woman gets pregnant by the

combination of the man. If the fifth house sees Sun, Mars, and Jupiter and there is no

malefic effect of any planet on the fifth house, then a son is born

If the fifth lord is not a malefic planet, and when the moon or Venus is aspecting the fifth or fifth house and there is no fifth or fifth house under the influence of sin, then most of the daughters are born in such a state. The couple who is fine in the medical examination but is unsuccessful in producing a child can use such time to have a child.

But the couple who are not well in the medical examination but are visible in their horoscopes due to child yoga, it is best to get proper medical treatment for such couples.

Astrologer in sarai kale khan delhi on Childbirth Yoga:

If the Ascendant is in the second or third house, then the first child is in the Pantra and if the ascendant is in the fourth house, then the second child is a son.

If the aspect of Jupiter on the fifth house and the fifth house is devoid of sinful effect and the fifth and fifth house are devoid of malefic effects, then in such a situation, there is most of the birth of a son. lives. 

The presence of Venus in the seventh, the Moon in the tenth, and the malefic planets in the fourth creates a childless yoga. From the house in which the fifth lord is situated, there is a lack of children if there is a bad planet in the 5th, 6th, 12th house.

Even if there is a child, there is doubt in his survival. In the fifth house of a person, the sight or conjunction of a sinful planet Saturn, Rahu, Ketu or a debilitated planet, if the fifth lord is debilitated in the fifth house, aspected or combined from the twelfth house, the eighth house,

the sixth house is a hindrance in the birth of a child because of the effects of the evil planet. This hinders the development of the egg and leads to a deficiency of the hormone progesterone. Uterine muscles are weak.

Childbirth Yoga

The sight of Mars causes idealisation. In the Dasha, antardasha, and pratyantar of a planet located in the sub-nakshatra of the fifth house’s epithet, children are born.

The second problem is small concerns that I didn’t take seriously before. Because I used to find this woman special or call it a problem of a particular personality. Which could happen not only in a woman but also in an individual man.

According to the study of astrology, the reasons for worrying are the same in women and men. That is, there is no difference. One of the reasons for this can also be that in the past the natives must have always been men. It was only while reading the books of astrology that Alan Pease’s book came in hand.

In this, the way of thinking of women and men was explained in detail. So my attention also went towards this. Now the question is, what is the nature of small concerns and how can they be addressed together? In the books of astrology itself, its flat and accurate solution has been told.

Just as a man needs Venus for a happy marital and relationship-satisfying life, in the same way it is seen as a Guru for women. If the name of the guru is Guru, then it seems as if women need a giver of knowledge, but in reality, not a guru, but worldly gives the benefit of knowledge and worldliness.

Guru represents this worldliness.

Now since the Guru does not harm in any situation. Yes, it can give more or less fruit. In such a situation, most of the women are advised to wear topaz blindly. This broadens their perspective of thinking. Along with this, it is also advised to wear pearls. The healing of the moon holds the thought chain.

The conjunction of Jupiter and Moon solves most of the problems at the primary level itself. Do not allow those thoughts and reasons to grow which fuel the worries. In this way, women should wear the right topaz and pearls in fashion. Even though they are stones related to astrology, they are also acceptable for being beautiful.

Effect of Mercury –

Where Saturn is a painful planet in the male horoscope, Mercury proves to be a painful planet for the female native. It is easy for a man to stay in the same routine for a long time under the influence of Mercury and to repeat the same actions continuously, but it proves to be painful for the women.

In such a situation, women are advised to constantly change their routine, clothes, way of living. This reduces the effect of pain and suffering in their life.