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Astrologer in Sarita Vihar delhi | Dasha Jupiter

Astrologer in Sarita Vihar delhi on Effect and results of the Dasha of Jupiter (Jupiter):-Before understanding the

Dasha of Jupiter (Guru Mahadasha and Antardasha), one has to understand the nature of Guru and the

Mahadasha of Rahu before that and the dashas of Saturn that come after it.

The Dasha of Jupiter itself gives many types of results. As per the position of Jupiter in the Kundali,

the effect comes according to it, yet Dasha has its own characteristics,

which are common in every type of horoscope and in every type of zodiac.

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Here we are considering the position of Jupiter (Jupiter),

According to the horoscope, there will always be some change in the effect for every person,

this change will be favorable or unfavorable, it will be causative or non-negative, it will be fruitful or Dasha will

be fruitless, all these things can be known only by analyzing the complete horoscope.

Even if the effect of Dasha comes completely, it is necessary to know the yoga and

the position of the planet for the effect of the horoscope. Whatever I am telling here, it should be considered as the base nature of Dasha.

Events can change relatively rapidly when conditions change, but it takes some time for the environment,

mental, physical, and economic conditions to change. Barring a few opportunities for surprise gains, most changes happen slowly.

You can think of it as organic change. While ionic changes occur immediately, organic changes are gradual and permanent in nature.

Rahu’s dasha lasts for eighteen years just before Jupiter.

If the Dasha of Rahu starts in the horoscope of a person during adolescence or just after that,

then definitely the active period of such a person is very difficult.

How does the condition of the person change in the Dasha of Rahu and how permanent changes are visible,

we have already done this in the article on the dasha and results of Rahu. Be it any native, be it of any ascendant or zodiac, whatever the situation may be in the

horoscope of Rahu, this dasha is ultimately bad.

Now the Dasha of Jupiter comes immediately after the Dasha of Rahu. Broadly speaking about this dasha, it can be said that Jupiter’s Dasha (Jupiter Mahadasha)

will be more or less good in the horoscope of every person. Being good here is relative.

The period of uncertainty that is going on in the Dasha of Rahu, stops to some extent. The blemishes under the eyes start reducing, sleep improves, and the brain fidgets stop to a great extent. Rahu’s turbulence is less, there is relatively less encounter with sudden problems, planned work starts in the Dasha of Jupiter.

Dasha Jupiter continuation.

In such a situation, the Dasha of Jupiter in any ascendant is relatively good. But this compatibility does not happen overnight. If Rahu has kept its effect on the horoscope for eighteen years,

then it takes some time for its effect to diminish or even to end.

The projects started during Rahu though tend to get closed, but their impact remains. Many people are victims of debt, many diseases and some people also have to suffer intense mental torture,

the time of Guru’s Antardasha in Guru’s Mahadasha to reduce or end its effect.

Dasha Jupiter continuation(the antardasha of Jupiter in the Mahadasha)

As per Astrologer in Sarita Vihar delhi For this reason, the antardasha of Jupiter in the Mahadasha of Jupiter is

known as the hole dasha.The hole Dasha has also been called Malefic Jupiter somewhere,

but I see it as a period of change.

Any person constantly strives for stability, in such a situation, permanent changes in nature disturb the person,

so in colloquial language, the whole condition is also called a bad time. If seen, it happens only in the form of divine grace in old age.

Sometimes the period of these changes is of a few months, and sometimes the completion of the antardasha of Jupiter in the Mahadasha of Jupiter becomes a roller coaster ride. Here the native complains that when the time was said to be good, how did that period go bad, in fact, it is not a bad time but a time for a change.

On the basis of analysis of your birth chart, problems related to job, employment, business, family, relationship, love affair, children, money, foreign travel, legal troubles, enemies, conspiracy etc. in the Mahadasha or Antardasha of Jupiter (Jupiter) Contact us for solutions and remedies.

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