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Astrologer in Sriniwaspuri delhi Favorable Moon

Astrologer in Sriniwaspuri delhi :-If you do, it will definitely be beneficial.

To make the main planet Moon favorable, take the following Remedies. Take blessings of mother everyday. Devotion to Shiva Monday fast. Donation: On Monday, donating white things like curd, sugar, rice, white clothes, 1 pair of Janeu, along with Dakshina.

Conch, lineage, white sandalwood, white flowers, oxen, curd. Wear pearls. Chanting ‘Om Soma Somay Namah’ 108 times. Take the blessings of elders, serve the mother, take the blessings of elders, sages and brahmins of the house. Put water under the head at night and pour it in the plants in the morning.

The north-west corner is of the moon, plants should be planted here. Abdominal diseases caused by water. Lack of maternal love. Tie the root of Khirni in a white cloth and wear Poornamashi around the neck in the evening. One should not wake up till late at night. I should sleep in the light of the moon.

Favorable Moon part – 2

There should be no collection of contaminated water in the house. Keep rain water in a glass bottle. One should take bath in the holy river or lake. Plant plants with white fragrant flowers in the house. Wearing the root of Khirni tied in a white thread is beneficial.

Palash wood should be used as Samidha in Havan. Recite ‘Om Shram Shree Shron Sah Chandramse Namah’. Mother, maternal grandmother, grandmother, mother-in-law and women of similar status should not suffer. Chant the mantra Om Somay Namah. Chant Om Namah Shivaya. A silver bracelet or ring should be worn.

Sandalwood tilak should be applied. Milk should be offered on Shivling. Keep water in a silver vessel under the bed or wear silver ornaments. Sugarcane, white jaggery, sugar, milk or milk products or white colored sweets should be consumed. Perfume or perfume of jasmine and ratrani should be used.

Favorable Moon part – 3

Chant Kk Shram: Shree: Shram: Sah Chandramase Namah. Drink water in a silver glass. Worship Shiva. Main Planet Jupiter: To make the main planet Jupiter favorable, do the following measures. Tie a banana root in a yellow cloth and wear it in a yellow thread on Thursday. Peepal is used as Samidha in Yagya.

Reciting “Om gran gran grauns: gurve namah” is beneficial. Chanting the mantra Om Brihaspate Namah. Wearing a knot of turmeric around the neck. Feeding gram flour laddoos to the cow. To serve Brahmins. Discipline, honesty and duty. Worshiping Lord Brahma. Worshiping Banana tree, Worshiping Peepal.

Donating yellow items (boondi laddus, yellow clothes, turmeric, gram lentils, yellow fruits). Wearing Pukhraj in a gold ring. Wear a lump of banana root or turmeric around the neck in a yellow cloth. Yellow clothes should be worn. Besan vegetable, sweets, gram dal, papaya, mango, banana should be consumed.

One should donate yellow clothes, religious books or yellow food items to the priest or teacher of the temple. On Thursday, water should be offered to the Peepal tree while chanting the Jupiter mantra. A tilak of saffron or turmeric should be applied. Yellow flowers should be planted in pots at home.

Vishnu should be worshipped.

The heart of a teacher, brahmin, sage, scholar, husband, child should not be hurt. Plant fruit trees and donate fruits on Thursdays. 11. Tie a knot of turmeric or banana-root in a yellow cloth on the arm. Besan vegetable, sweets, gram dal, papaya, mango, banana should be consumed.

The door, window, and skylight of the house should be kept in the right direction. The nose, ears and teeth should always be kept clean. Peepal tree should be planted. Try to speak the truth. Water should be offered to Peepal. Behavior should be kept pure. Father, grandfather, and guru should be respected. Must be made a guru.

Incense-lamp should be given in the house. Apply saffron or sandalwood tilak. Sattvic food should be taken. Avoid using black, brown, red, maroon, green and brown colours. Use yellow, pink, blue and white colors more. Chana dal should be donated every Thursday. Worship Lord Vishnu. Donate yellow items on Thursday.

Main planet Saturn:

To strengthen the main planet Saturn, take the following measures. After sunset, Hanumanji should be worshiped with vermilion, black sesame oil, this oil lamp and blue flowers. Establish and worship Shani Yantra and light a mustard oil lamp.

Tie the root of Shami tree in a black thread and wear it in the neck or arm. Boondi laddoos should be given to monkeys and dogs. One should wear a ring made of black horseshoe or a nail in a boat. In the evening, put a lamp of mustard oil under Bad (Banyan) and Peepal tree and offer milk and incense etc. Do not consume meat or alcohol.

Energized and worn

Red sandalwood garland should be energized and worn. The mantra should be chanted: Vedic Mantra- Om Shannodeveerbhishtaya apo bhavantu pitaye Shanyorabhistravantu nah. Short Mantra – Om Aim Hleem Shrishanaischaraya Namah [ Astrologer in Sriniwaspuri delhi ].

Worship Bhairavji and a lamp of black sesame oil should be lit, the root of scorpion grass should be worn in a black thread as per Astrologer in Sriniwaspuri delhi.

Shani’s Shanti: To the poor and old, black cloth, whole urad, iron, as much as possible dakshina, oil, black flowers, black sesame seeds, leather, black clothes, black sesame seeds, leather shoes, salt, mustard oil, black blanket Must donate. Mixing curd, rice and salt in an iron vessel should be given to beggars and crows.