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Astrologer in sunder nagar delhi:-In Phalit Jyotish, it is important to check which constellation the planet is in!

Often on examining the horoscope of the horoscope or planets etc., we see the position of most of the

planets, auspicious and inauspicious position, etc. If any planet is sitting in the constellation, which house is

the constellation lord, etc., the effect of this thing is very deep on the fate of any planet.

Astrologer in sunder nagar delhi :- If the position of any planet in the horoscope of 10 people is the same

according to the zodiac, house, etc. If the situation is different for everyone, then such a planet will make a

lot of difference in the results because the constellation in which the planet is sitting gives the results

after taking full effect of the lord of that constellation, how? 

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Let me explain this with some examples.

#Example 1:- If in the horoscope of Virgo ascendant, if we talk about profession means job/business etc.

then here we have to study the lord of the tenth house which will become Mercury here, Mercury,

the lord of the tenth house, means Saturn’s constellation Uttarabhadrapada, Pushya, Anuradha. 

If it is in any of these three constellations, then there will definitely be an effect of Saturn on the job or

business of the person, Saturn and the houses whose lord is the lord of the 5th and 6th house in this horoscope,

then both these houses and Saturn’s effect is Mercury. 

But because Mercury is in the constellation of Saturn, the fifth house of the sixth house,

then the work area that the person has in relation to Saturn or the 5th/6th house will also affect the

person on the profession, now whether Mercury has any conjunction/vision or

change of place with Saturn or Don’t be.

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#Example2:- Suppose a karaka planet of a horoscope or two to 3 planets together are forming Rajayoga (Rajyoga means the relation of the planets lording the center triangle) but this Raja Yoga is formed in the constellation of the lord of the 8th house or the 6th house, which means that the rang planet becomes Rajayoga. 

Whether that planet or one or two of them will be in the constellation of the lord of the 6th or 8th house, then conflict will arise somewhere in Raja Yoga, as it happens, many people get Raja Yoga in their horoscope after a lot of struggle. 

If you get auspicious results, then the lord of the constellation here, being the owner of inauspicious houses, also has some negative effect on Raja Yoga, but such Raja Yoga is formed in the constellation of the second, 11th, 4th, 5th, 7th, 9th, 10th etc.

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Or If a planet is sitting by making an auspicious yoga, if it is the owner of these auspicious houses, then in such a situation the effect of the constellation will be very good on the planets. When does it mean to say that any planet is in which constellation of the planet it is sitting and which planet is the lord of which house etc. 

has a very deep effect on the predictions of the Navagrahas, the position of the constellation position of the planets affects a lot of the planets, accordingly the results are obtained. In this way, in which constellations your Navagrahas, and the lord of the house, are in the constellation of the planets, its effect remains in getting a lot of results.