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Astrologer juhu – what to do if Taurus people do not feel like studying?

Education is the most useful element in the overall development of man. An uneducated man is treated like an animal. Wisdom is with everyone, but the knowledge of conscience is obtained only through education.
Although it is difficult to do everything, but studying is really difficult.
It is even more difficult if you have to do the work in which you do not feel like doing.
Studying is necessary for everyone, but for those who do not feel like studying, studying is like a burden.

Astrologer juhu – what to do if you are a Taurus and you do not feel like reading and writing?

* Virgo sign of Mercury is lying in the fifth house of the people of Taurus. A person does not feel like studying when
Virgo is afflicted, fifth house is afflicted or Mercury is afflicted.
* To remove the in-auspiciousness of Mercury, after consecrating the life of the child, wearing
the Budh Yantra around the neck is beneficial.
* By inviting eleven tamarind leaves and placing them in the books of the child and the girl child,
children start feeling inclined towards studies.
* Children who study but do not remember quickly or forget what they have read soon.
Those children should regularly recite Hanuman Chalisa.
* Children who do not feel like studying at all, they get great benefits by reciting Ganesh Stotra or Chalisa.
Make sure to put the photo of Ganesh ji in your study room.
* There are also some children who want to work hard in studies, but there are obstacles in their education every day.
If there are constant obstacles in education, consume sprouted green moong and recite Kalabhairav Chalisa.
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