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Astrologer near malviya nagar-Some surefire formulas to get accurate results by astrology.

Certainly astrology says true results with the effect of wisdom and sadhna, but if correct and proper

mathematical formulas are used carefully in it, then the % of truthfulness of results increases. Now it is not possible for everyone to make the spiritual side strong,

but we can do it by using mathematics properly.

Astrologer near malviya nagar says from ancient times to the present time, our country has been full of divine scholars. Even today there are many such scholars who have given new life to astrological mathematics by giving new formulas. If some sources are kept in mind while telling the result through the horoscope,

then we can make the correct result statement.

1 As many types of conditions as possible should be practiced so that the result can be accurate in the statement.

2 The position of the 2 dasha lord should be closely observed in

both the birth chart and the Navamsa Kundli.

3 Similarly, each part of the birth chart should be observed: for example, Dasamsa Kundli for career, Chaturmansh for wealth, Saptamsha for children.

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Every event should be observed from all the three class horoscopes.

To know more about the results from Vinsottari Dasha, from the very beginning, reach Mahadasha,

Antardasha, and Pratyantar Dasha, Subtle and Prana Dasha.

See how and in what position Mahadasha Nath and Antardasha Nath are with each other. If they are in mutual center or triangle then it is a favorable position. Similarly, if they are in 2-12 or 6-8, then the situation here is a sign of obstacles. But should be observed closely.

Dashanath is the ruler of which house and how can he give fruit because of being the owner of those houses.

In addition to Vinsotri dasha, any dasha should also be used to see whether there are similar results or not. As far as possible, use Yogini Dasha. It is also simple and calculation is also quick.

All these results should also be checked from the moon horoscope.

In the end, transit should be used, and must use Sarvashtak.

Many times the time, place and date are same in the horoscope of two people, then for its purification,

use Garbh Kundli, Beej Kundli and Padmansha Kaal, by using them,

90% success can be achieved in getting results through mathematical astrology. can.

This discussion on this topic will continue even further, it is our responsibility to clear the misconceptions and

simplify the subject with new and simple ideas and take advantage.