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Astrologer noida list Totkas for Health

Astrologer Noida list:-Any remedy or Totkas should not be done without the permission of the guru or

without the advice of the seeker

When suffering from any disease, people often go to the doctor and take medicines, etc. according to his advice. But many times the disease does not go away in spite of treatment. Such efforts go in vain only by getting external treatment without removing the root cause of the disease.

As per Astrologer Noida list in such a situation, some measures can prove to be very effective. If we look from the point of view of astrology, then the root

cause of all kinds of diseases is the sins of the

previous birth or this birth or even planetary obstruction sometimes prevents the

diseases from being cured, in such a situation even medicines do not work, hence astrology. 

Totkas for Health part- 1

It has been told that after doing some special measures with full devotion while meditating on the deities,

physical and mental diseases are cured by taking medicines [ Astrologer Noida list ].

1 As per Astrologer noida list if a person is more troubled by blood pressure or depression,

then he should sleep on Sunday night by keeping 325 grams of milk by his side, on Monday morning that milk

should be put in the Keekar or Peepal tree, doing this on 5 Sundays, the body gets rest Is.

2 If a patient is having fever and is not coming down even after taking medicine, then the root of a

figure plant should be tied in a cloth and tied to the patient’s ear, gradually the fever subsides,

if there is a constant desire for fever

According to Astrologer Noida list take Chinese rice milk, take a petha, take it 7

times upside down from the patient and donate it to a religious place for langar etc. Fever will start to subside.

Totkas for Health part- 2

3 If you are troubled by a deadly disease like typhoid, then drink coconut water every day and donate

coconut to the temple after removing it from above, the disease starts getting cured.

4 If the health of a child is deteriorating again and again, then on a Tuesday, after taking 1 liter of raw milk

from the child 11 times, it should be given to any dog ​​in the evening, the child will

benefit in health and the child will get well soon.

5 If the health of a child is repeatedly deteriorating, then on the day of the birth of the lord of the child’s zodiac,

take a black thread in it while chanting the mantra Om Namo Bhagwate Vasudevaya and tie that

thread around the child’s neck at a distance of 7 knots. Should be worn, the health of the child will gradually recover.

6 If a person has been ill for a long time, rock salt should be kept in a glass bowl near the bed in his bedroom,

the effect of the medicine will start happening fast and the person will get well soon.

Totkas for Health part- 3

7 If a person is suffering from migraine or half a vial pain, the person should take a jaggery stick to a

crossroads at sunrise on Tuesday, stand there facing south and divide it into two pieces with the teeth and

throw both the pieces at the same intersection.

After giving it should come back without turning back, this should be done for five consecutive Tuesdays,

while doing this, neither speak to anyone nor call you, it should be kept in mind that it will definitely

benefit, and very soon the pain of migraine and migraine will disappear.

8 To remain healthy always, keep water in a pot or glass at night after getting up in the morning and drink it and

keep the vessel upside down and keeping the vessel upside down after drinking water

during the day does not cause liver diseases and the person is always healthy. remains.

Totkas for Health part- 4

9 For heart disorders or high blood pressure, 16 Mukhi Rudraksha is best, if they are not available,

11 Mukhi, 7 Mukhi or 5 Mukhi Rudraksha can be used with Rudraksha in the month of Shravan or

on any Pradosh Vrat day or on Monday by doing Abhisheka to the Ganges.

Take a bath with water, get Rudrabhishek done, anoint with milk while saying Om Namah Shivaya, in this way get

the Rudraksh perfected and energized and put it in a black thread and wear it around the neck.

10. A five-faced Rudraksh, a red colored red chilli with seven whole stalks, put red chillies in half a meter red cloth,

take it 21 times from above the person and flow it in a river or running water, health benefits will start.

Totkas for Health part- 5

11 From any Monday or use, buy a few cotton flowers from the market, bring 5 flowers clean and

soak in half a cup of water on Sunday evening, wake up on Monday morning, take out the flower,

and throw the remaining water, drink the water in the vessel. Put it upside down and you will experience amazing health benefits in a few days.

12 Make kheer in the moonlight on the full moon day, when it is cool, offer some kheer to the moon and

your ancestors, feed some kheer to a black dog and keep doing this on a

full moon throughout the year, one gets freedom from home troubles, disease and business loss.

13 To get rid of diseases, feed the fourth part of your food to the cow and the fourth part to the dog every day,

you will be free from diseases.

14 If someone in the house becomes ill, lick that patient with honey mixed with sandalwood.

Totkas for Health part- 6

15 If sons are sick, feed the pudding to the girls, keep the wood of the peepal tree at the head,

if the wife is sick, then donate her to the house where women are constantly suffering from health by planting a

Tulsi plant in that house and taking care of her with devotion, diseases and pains. can be liberated from.

16 If a person in the family remains ill, even after taking the medicine continuously, there is no health benefit,

then starting from any Sunday, for three consecutive days, pouring a lot of water from the top of the person’s head. Put the peda in the plant, feed the peda to the cow, within these 3 days the person will start feeling healthy,

even if the patient recovers during the period of the trick, the experiment has to be completed, do not stop in between

17 On the morning of Amavasya, make mehndi lamp by mixing water, make oil lamp, 7 urad seeds,

add some vermilion, two drops of curd, two slices of a lemon, worship the picture of

Shiva or Bhairav ​​and light the lamp, a garland or batuk of Mahamrityunjay mantra.

Totkas for Health part- 7

By reciting Bhairav ​​Stotra, pray to God to remove the disease and mourning and put things including

lemon in a dry well away from the south side of the house, do not look back. Till the time you keep serving the birds, animals, and patients, it definitely removes

the disease of the house, ghost, mental disturbance.

18 If the sick person is more serious, then take 125 grams of flour, mix whole black sesame seeds in it,

make a roti by mixing it well so that it does not remain raw, then put a little sesame oil and jaggery

on it and make a peda and put it on one side.

Feed the buffalo by taking off the roti seven times from the sick person, don’t look back and

don’t make any sound, know in advance where the buffalo will be found Do this work only on Tuesday,

soon the disease will go away.

19 Soak one and a half kilograms of black whole gram on Friday night, tie them in a

black cloth on Saturday evening, place a nail and a piece of black coal,

throw this bundle in a pond or a well, before throwing it, take it off the patient seven times in reverse. Do Saturday the sick person will get well soon.

Totkas for Health part- 8

20 In a house made of quart dumplings, attack them 7 times on the patient and feed them to the chiles,

if they eat all the dumplings or more than half, then the patient will be fine, do this work on Saturday or

Tuesday only in the evening between 4 and 6 to carry the dumpling. There is no stopping the person and neither should he look back.

21 On every Tuesday and Saturday, feeding the dog after taking off a loaf of imarti seven times from the patient

gives relief in health gradually, the work should be done for at least 7 weeks, there should be no

interruption in between otherwise it should be started again.

22 Take whole lentils, black urad, moong and jowar, clean and mix all four, if the total weight is only 1 kg,

beat it seven times on the patient and cook them together, when all the four grains are completely cooked,

then add oil and jaggery in it. 

23 Put it in a lamp and keep it at a crossroads in the afternoon, fill it with kerosene lamp with oil,

light incense sticks, then make a circle around it with water, do not look back,

come home and wash hands and feet, the patient will start getting better.

Totkas for Health part- 9

24 Take off the paddy grinding mouse and broom 21 times from above the patient and

keep it by the side of the patient, the patient will start getting better.

25 Pot and then bring this vessel to the patient’s head and bury it in solitude.

26 If you are not taking the name of getting sick from home, then if someone’s disease is not getting cured,

then taking a Gomti Chakra and tying it on the foot of the patient’s bed gives amazing results from that day.

27 If even after taking adequate treatment, the disease is not getting pacified, the same disease is

manifesting and suffering and does not calm down even after treatment, such a person should

donate wheat equal to his weight on Sunday.

Only needy people should do it. Any remedy or trick should not be done without the

permission of the guru or without the advice of the seeker.

Please do the remedies under-supervision [ Astrologer Noida list ]