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Astrologer noida reviews Job & business yogas

Astrologer noida reviews on Job and business yoga in horoscope :-

With the passage of time, the number of opportunities is increasing so fast that hundreds of job opportunities

are available in a single institute. In such a situation, the challenge is also before the astrologers

that what kind of job prospects should be told for the person.

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The astrologer can advise the native on three levels. First, which subject to choose for study, second in which field

he will get success and thirdly, to what level of his life can go to the economic level.

Till a few years ago, it was said that the person would work in iron, now from lathe machine to railway

DRM can be used in iron work. Iron is also used to make spade as well as to make NASA rockets. In such a situation, it will not be enough to ask me to do iron work.

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On the other hand, if you have come to take the advice of an Astrologer at the right time and the person is in a student stage, then it also has to be seen in which subject should be studied further so that getting a job is relatively easy.

The natives who are showing the possibility of doing business or independent work in their horoscope, they also have to look at the subjects of study seriously for both their interest and possibilities, otherwise most of the students after studying up to a level find themselves directionless. .

The third condition is different types of studies at different levels and use of all those subjects in the job. It is also an interesting situation that in spite of having a high guru in the horoscope of many natives,

they never get success in the field in which they have studied or trained,

but in many other areas other than that area, they never get success. The successes are clearly visible.

Job & business yogas – 3

Keeping all these points in mind, the astrologer can advise the person on three levels. First, which subject to choose for study, second in which field he will get success and thirdly, to what level his standard of living can go.

It is a matter of relief that even in the midst of infinite possibilities of today’s era,

ancient astrological yogas as per Astrologer noida reviews can be told about them on a broad level. The rest of the person himself has to make his place by going deep inside that area.

In traditional astrology, broadly information about employment is seen from the ascendant and

the tenth house, primary education from the fifth house and higher education from the ninth house. Along with this, job prospects were told according to the relation of planets with these houses. As the possibilities expanded, these old yogas were not very helpful.