Astrologers In Bangalore On Astrology Prediction

Astrologers in Bangalore on astrology prediction

According to Astrologers in Bangalore many scientists refuse to accept it as a science on the grounds that when something is tested on the basis of principles and rules in physics, then once the result is obtained, the same result is obtained even after testing the second time. But this does not happen in astrology. The result that comes once in astrological calculations, when other astrologers make predictions on the same principle, then the predictions come out different.

Astrology is a very deep and complex science, so its principles and rules have to be followed very carefully. This type of situation can arise only if there is carelessness in it. On the other hand, many rules of astrology have been lost in the course of time, due to which there can be some difficulty and difference in prediction. On the other hand, the form of the future statement may be different, it is possible but the similarity in the result cannot be denied. Therefore, those who refuse to accept astrology as a science by talking about uncertain predictions cannot be called correct.

As a conclusion of Astrologers in Bangalore Astrology has the right to be called science, it stands on that criterion from where any scientific subject gets the number of science. Those who call it superstition or illusion, if they study this subject with a clear mind, then they cannot refuse to accept it as science.

In the last two centuries, a process of testing any object, subject or principles on the test of materialistic modern science has started, which has put some very important subjects and beliefs in the dock of doubt even in the process of tearing apart many baseless superstitions. . People started addressing him as the new light of science. In it, every object and subject of the world started to be assessed and evaluated in a new way. In that assessment, an attempt has been made to prove astrology as probably the most despised and neglected subject. This is the reason why, in the fashion of showing themselves as nurturers of modern and scientific ideas, most of the people started considering this esoteric knowledge as a synonym for stupidity and superstition.

But it is also a fact that astrology is such a subject that no other subject is more ancient. History is the witness that there was no such time when astrology did not exist. This is also confirmed by the test of modern science. Because some such bones have been found 25 thousand years before Christ, on which markings of astrological symbols of sun and planets have been found.

It is a matter of happiness that today as modern science is developing, its previous concepts are being automatically refuted by new concepts. As a result, today the situation has come to such an extent that even a large section of scientists are becoming in favor of giving the status of science to astrology.

Most of the saints associated with the spiritual field, temples, gurudwaras etc. have a negative attitude towards astrology. It is surprising that those saintly great men have full faith and faith in the Vedas and Puranas, but they refute astrology, which is considered to be the eyes of the Vedas, according to their intelligence, what is the reason behind this. It is a matter of consideration and discovery that the author has come across many such saints in his life who say that everything is divine, astrology is nonsense and chant this mantra, everything will be fine.

There is a popular saying in the society that Neem, Hakim, Khatra e Jaan, whatever is inert-conscious in the world has its own meaning and effect, but how can it be taken advantage of. Very few people get to know that the place of God is supreme in life. There is no reason to doubt it, but one thing that we forget is that God is the master of all of us, not the servant, whatever happens in the world is because of the will of God.

But God fulfills his will by creating special servants through them. Even in the Gita, Lord Krishna has said that man has the right to act only and the right to give fruits is only in the hands of God. Astrology is such a mirror in which man can see the fruits of his deeds and by the will of God, man experiences the good or bad fruits of his deeds through the nine planets.

This is true as per Astrologers in Bangalore until the so-called effects of astrology and planets are proved, at least until then astrology is an "unexperimental-belief", but only this basis does not prove astrology to be not a science, some other basis also There are many things that need to be considered in order to prove that astrology is not a science, but mere conjectures, ludicrous speculations and hollow superstitions.
Scientists shy away from giving astrology the status of science.