Astrologers in Defence Colony on Karma and Astrology

Astrologers in Defence Colony on Karma and Astrology -Astrology tells the structure of our karma. It forms a link between our past, present, and future. There are four types of Karma:

1- Sanchit

2- Prarabdha

3- Kriyaman

4- Agama

Sanchit –

Sanchit Karma is the accumulated form of the Karmas of all previous births. Whatever actions we have done consciously or unknowingly in all our previous lives, all get accumulated in our karmic accounts. As karma becomes mature, we experience it in every birth. Like the fruits of any tree do not ripen together, but ripen only on different days in the month of fruiting.

Prarabdha –

Prarabdha Karma is that part of Sanchit Karma which we are going to enjoy in the present birth. This is also called luck. All the accumulated karmas cannot be enjoyed at the same time. The karma that has matured. This time is known according to Dasha Antardasha.

The Kriyaman –

Kriyaman Karma is the action that we do in the present but its independence depends on the actions of our previous birth. Kriyaman Karma is the willpower given by God, which helps in eliminating the ill effects of our many previous births. For example, in the present birth, it is believed that anger comes more. 

This tendency to anger has become due to the actions of many previous births. It is well known how many wrong things are done in anger. If one controls anger through meditation and other measures, then gradually through efforts one can get control over anger, and in the future, many bad karmas and problems like tension in relationships, etc. can be overcome.

Aagama –

Agam Karam is the new Karam that we are going to do in the future. This work is possible only with the help of God. Such as the foreshadowing of future events and the direction given by God to solve that problem. As the burden of our sinful deeds gets reduced, the help of higher powers starts coming.

We make our future through our thoughts, words, and deeds. There are good and bad. Bad deeds bring sorrow in life. The actions of our previous birth affect the mind. If we remove negative thoughts, which make the mind weak, through meditation and remedies, then this mind purifies our karma with the energy of positive thoughts, which makes it possible to create a new future. 

When we balance your old karmas by means of remedies, then their hindrances get removed from the mind. The future changes in the same way when consciousness or mind changes. One can get rid of any problem, the only need is to sincerely try in the right direction[ Astrologers in Defence Colony ]