Astrologers In R K Puram Passport Office

astrologers in r k puram passport office

If you do this experiment on the full moon, it will become bad luck by astrologers in r k puram passport office

According to the Hindu calendar, the last day of the Shukla Paksha of every month is called Poornima. On this day the moon remains in its full phase. Moon affects the mind, brain, emotions of man, so this day is said to be the best for the accomplishment of a particular task. If there is any problem going on in your life, if any planet is giving pain, then you can get rid of all your troubles by taking some special measures on the full moon day.


Astrologers in r k puram passport office on Mental stress  :-
If you constantly have mental tension about some or the other thing. There are obstacles in the work. If the work gets stuck and the mind remains distracted due to all of them, then on the full moon day of every month, take one and a half kilos of Akshat i.e. rice to a Shiva temple and after worshiping Lord Shiva, offer rice once with both your hands. Donate the remaining rice there in the temple or to any needy. This gives peace of mind and increases confidence.



If you are surrounded by financial troubles then do this work
If you are surrounded by financial troubles. If the debt is increasing on you and there is trouble in your family, then on any full moon day, offer raw milk, honey, belpatra, Shamipatra and fruits on the Shivling. Mix saffron in white sandalwood and apply it to Shiva. This will get rid of domestic troubles. The avenues for economic progress will open.




Flow of positive energy
On every full moon day, wash with water outside the main gate of the house. Make a rangoli of turmeric and kumkum on it. Tie a bandana of fresh mango leaves on the top of the door. Due to this, positive energy will flow in the house and auspiciousness will come in the house.
Ways to save money
To get the blessings of Mahalakshmi, after the moon rises on every full moon day, make sago pudding with sugar candy and offer naivedya to Goddess Lakshmi. Distribute this kheer among the children as prasad. Money will keep coming to your house.




Take care of these things
Write ‘Om’ on the main door of the house with turmeric in the morning on every full moon day. This removes the financial crisis and diseases do not enter the house.
Tamasic food, onion, garlic, non-vegetarian substances, alcohol etc. should not be consumed on the full moon day. This increases the planetary defects.
Sexual intercourse should not be done on the full moon day. Due to this the person feels Pitra Dosh.