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Astrologers in Satya Niketan on Dharma

Of all the powers as per Astrologers in Satya Niketan that have contributed and are giving in the making of the

destiny of mankind, none is more important than the power manifested in the form of religion.

This amazing power has been working somewhere at the root of all social organizations, and till now the

best inspiration for organizing the various units of humanity has been derived from this power. We all know that the relation of religious unity often proves stronger than the relation of caste,

climatic and hereditary unity.

Let us support you if the talk of people of the same lineage is not seen even in brothers. Many efforts have been

made to understand the origin of religion, all the ancient religions that we know so far claim that they are

all supernatural as if they did not originate from the human mind but from the psalm which was outside them.

Dharma part -2

Modern scholars agree to some extent about two theories, one is the spiritual principle of religion and the other is

the evolutionary theory of the concept of the infinite. According to the first principle, religious sentiment developed from the worship of ancestors,

according to the second, religion started giving personal form to natural forces.

Man wants to keep the memory of his departed relatives alive, and thinks that although their

bodies are destroyed, they are still alive. On this belief, he wants to keep food for them and in sense worship it. Religion grew out of this spirit of man. [ Astrologers in Satya Niketan ]

The study of ancient religions of Egypt, Babylon, China, and America, reveals such clear signs, on the basis of

which it can be said that religion has emerged from ancestor worship. The concept of the soul of the ancient Egyptians was dualistic.

He believed that in every human body there is another living being that is similar to the body itself and

even after the death of the human being, this replica body remains alive, but this replica body

remains alive only as long as the dead body practice of keeping it safe.

Dharma part -3

And for this, he built huge pyramids, in which the dead body could be kept safely. His belief was that if any kind of damage was done to this body, then the

exact same damage would be done to that replica body. This is clearly Pitra worship. A similar notion of a model body is found among the ancient inhabitants of Babylon. Although they differ to some degree. They believe that there is no sense of affection in the image of

the body, its spirit terrorizes the living for food and drink and other aids. There is no love in him for even his wife and children. Examples of this ancestor worship are also seen in ancient Hindus. [ Astrologers in Satya Niketan ]

The recognition of this ancestor worship is also seen in relation to the

people of China and is still prevalent today. If any religion can be considered in China then only ancestor worship can be considered. In this way, it appears that the base of those who believe that religion evolved from

Pitra worship is very strong.

But there are some scholars who prove on the basis of ancient Aryan literature that religion originated from

the worship of nature, although examples of ancestor worship are seen everywhere in India,

there is not even a little discussion of it in ancient texts.

Dharma part -4

There is no mention of this in the Rigveda Samhita, the oldest text of the Aryan race,

modern scholars find only signs of nature worship in it.

The human mind seems to be eager to get a glimpse of what is beyond the presented scene, the vast and vast

powers of nature, its beauty, all this made such an impact on the human mind that it

seeks to go beyond all this and understand it. began to aspire.

In this effort man started imposing personal qualities in these visions, he established soul and body in them, which were sometimes beautiful and sometimes transcendent, in every attempt to understand them, they were given personification or not.

Gaya, but their end ended in making them intangible. Exactly the same thing happened in relation to the ancient Greeks, their entire mythology is abstract nature worship. And the same can be said of the inhabitants of ancient Germany and Scandinavia and all the rest of the Aryan races.

In this way, in humanizing the forces of nature, the fame of those who believe in the Adi Stotra of religion also becomes very strong.

Dharma part – 5

Although the two principles seem to be contradictory, they can be reconciled on a third basis, which I think is the real seed of religion. And what I consider to be a struggle to transcend the limits of the senses, on the one hand, man searches for the souls of his forefathers, the spirits of the dead, that is, even after the destruction of the body, he wants to know that after death.

What happens, on the other hand, man wants to understand the power working behind the vast landscape of nature, from all these things it seems that he wants to go beyond the limits of the senses, he is not satisfied with the senses, he is beyond these Wants to go. There is no need to give this explanation a mystical form.

It seems natural to me that the first tableau of religion must have been found in a dream. Man can imagine immortality on the basis of dreams.

How wonderful is this state of dreams! We know that children and people with a blank mind do not understand the difference between a dream and waking, what can be more natural to them than in the form of simple logic.

Dharma part – 6

In the dream state, when the body often becomes like a dead body, all the complex activities of the mind continue to go on, so what is the wonder in this, if a man takes the conclusion that after the destruction of this body, its activities will continue?

In my view, there can be no more natural explanation of supernaturalism than this. And gradually developing this concept based on dreams, man must have reached higher and higher thoughts, yes it is definitely true that most people have realized that these dreams do not prove to be true in our waking state, and dream state Man does not have any existence in this, but he remembers only the experiences of the waking state. (Statement of Swami Vivekananda) [ Astrologers in Satya Niketan ]

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