Astrologers In South Extension 2 On Lal Kitab

Astrologers in South Extension 2 on Lal Kitab

In Lal Kitab and Astrologers in South Extension 2, the Guru has been given more importance than the Sun, the Sun is the king of the planets of the solar system, so the Guru is said to be the Guru of the gods, the rulers of Indian tradition also used to be under the rule of the Guru, according to astrology.

The planets It is said to be the form of the nine limbs of Kaal Purush,

in this division the Guru is considered to be

the representative of the neck of the body. It is, Lal Kitab has given the form of the sky to Guru,

which has no beginning and end, Guru only develops the material and spiritual world,

keeps his watch over it, according to astrology.

Guru is said to be the lord of Sagittarius and Pisces According to Lal Kitab, Guru is said to be the lord of the

ninth and twelfth house, according to Lal Kitab, according to the twelve zodiac signs, the twelfth

house is said to be the common seat of Rahu and Guru, in the

twelfth house if Guru and Rahu collide.

Lal Kitab continuation,

If, then Rahu is heavy on the Guru, and due to the heavyweight of Rahu with the Guru,

the Guru who is

going to distribute knowledge to the world, he becomes an ordinary man. Leads his life, Guru also has

friends and enemies, Guru who is spiritual, people who believe in material reasons only,

do not get along with those who are followers of Venus, and often the spiritual person’s material reasons are deep.

Do not get along with people who believe, this is called enmity, Mercury, who is the king of speech, and

has the ability to express his feelings through speech, does not get along with a guru who has spiritual skills,

but he If in some way Mercury is placed on the mouth of the Guru, from which

spiritual things start coming out of the Guru’s face.

This thing is found only when Mercury is sitting in the second house of the horoscope when Mercury is in the

fifth, Still, by going to the Guru’s house, he keeps his mind in spreading the educational things and becomes a

friend of the Guru, in the ninth house the friend of the Guru is only by material means or by means of playing songs to spread the spiritual things.

Lal Kitab continuation,

By giving his speed in kirtan, bhajans, and other means to the guru, he becomes an assistant to the guru, by

going to the eleventh house, he is loyal to the guru. Plays the role of a friend, that is why he does not remain an

enemy of the Guru in every way, whereas in Vedic astrology, Mercury is considered the enemy of the Guru.

Another reason for this is that Mercury goes to the above houses, the Sun, Venus is the Guru. And does not

oppose Shani, the value of the Guru is also considered according to the emotion, and by going in different houses,

he also expresses his sense of strength and powerlessness, the Guru becomes weak and starts

behaving like Mercury, and the only description of spirituality is Tries to do it through logic and reasoning,

if in any way Mercury, Venus and Saturn and Rahu with Ketu, it starts giving wrong results.

It has been given that in the 6th and 7th house of the horoscope, it gives the results of the horoscope, if in any way someone is giving wrong results, then it can be treated by right remedies.Brahma is believed to be the deity of the Guru, Brass metal belongs to the Guru, and Onyx is considered to be its gem.

Lal Kitab continuation,

Gives, whatever the religious place of the world, whether they are associated with any religion, is considered to be the abode of the guru, he has been given the title of a goldsmith by profession, father, grandfather, and family priest by the guru. [ Astrologers in South Extension 2 ]

It is believed that the guru’s tree is peepal, saffron, kumkum, turmeric, and gram lentils are considered to be the objects of the guru, the sense of luck and dharma can be awakened by awakening the guru through worship and religious deeds. And the twelfth house The damaged form can also be repaired.

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