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Astrology for Capricorn today

Astrology for Capricorn today:-General characteristics, nature, and introduction of Capricorn.

Capricorn is the tenth sign of the Kalachakra. This zodiac is influenced by the earth element,

tamogun, variable nature, and the planet Saturn. The symbol of your zodiac sign is half of the deer and the remaining part in the shape of a fish, which is a symbol of labor. Saturn is the lord of Capricorn.

The person born in this zodiac will have medium stature eyesight with sharp,

beautiful face, dark thick hair, and thin waist. The native will have a serious emotional heart, sensitive, high-spirited, service-minded, contemplative, and religious.

When Mercury and Venus are benefic, they take important decisions only after efficient, deep thought and subtle analysis. Forgiveness is often few and it is very difficult to replace them and forget the feeling of enmity. The native’s mental and spiritual power will be strong due to the presence of a variable sign and ascendant.

If Saturn is auspicious, the native will be soft-tempered, humble,

modest, very careful, and honest in establishing friendship. Be careful with cough and air diseases. The people of this zodiac are eager to reach there again even after leaving the place of birth. The talent of Capricorn people shines only after marriage.

There is a strong feeling of love in you.

You take maximum care in the matter of love. Do not consider meditation as greater than love. Your love is driven

by pure and high feelings. In the absence of love, you become sensual. The best love relationship is

formed with the people of Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces.

You get along well with Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius.

There is a normal relationship with the people of Taurus and Virgo. Gemini never deal with Libra and Aquarius zodiac signs, there is always opposition. You are theoretic, mystic, critical, and adept at reasoning.

As a result, you scientific research institute, archeology department, intelligence service, politics, minister priest, priest exorcist, occultist, engineer, blacksmith detective, small scale industry spare parts, soft dick distillery,

philosophical insurance, printing metal business, petrol, oil, brokerage land purchase sale, gems Business, Horticulture, Forest Department, Police, Poultry, Cigarette, Coal, Player, Compositor, Factory, Speculative, Contracting, Machinery, etc.

Choose any of the works, money, and success will be yours.

Your body is weak and weak. Often, due to excess of cold and air, they suffer from cold diseases, pneumonia, fever, typhus, knee pain, skin diseases, etc. Due to excessive rest, there is slackness and malaise in the body.

You should take special care of your health. Consumption of cold and

wind-producing items should be avoided. Give up laziness and exercise to remove physical slack and for strength. Do not be irregular in diet. Personal prestige, social status, position are of great importance for such people, are often cautious and traditionalist.

Such people work patiently even in trouble.

Don’t care about any obstacle. They are more in love with books and keep reading them

for twenty-four hours after getting

married. With this work, they can become good researchers or scientists.

As per Astrology for Capricorn today due to this zodiac being earth element, the person will be prudent and a person who recognizes good and bad things. Imaginative and serious nature. Capricorn people are often very enthusiastic.

If someone harms them, then such a person does not even forget the feeling of revenge, such people openly express their views even if they hurt someone’s heart. Such people understand the feelings of others quickly. They are adept at taking work from their subordinates.

Capricorn Man:-

They are serious, indifferent, hard-working, and planned with color. You are patient, thoughtful, and ambitious. The key to your success is your creativity and foresight. Often you deal with financial crisis due to addictions and extravagance. You are a victim of failure and disgrace due to selfish nature and carelessness.

You consider your principles and things as paramount, that is why you are not able to become someone’s believer and soulmate. Often you are dissatisfied with

household life. Your life has many ups and downs. They get irritated when responsibility

increases and try to shrug off. meditate and are mystics.

They do wrong things out of greed. Criticize and criticize others,

due to which they are ostracized by friends, community, or community.

Capricorn woman:-

The feeling of jealousy and anti-competitiveness is paramount in you. You are of pure nature,can’t bear to control yourself. You are a visionary, thoughtful and ambitious woman. I want to be ahead in every field. You ridicule others and in this endeavor, you yourself become an object of ridicule. She is clever in fooling the opposite sex with her words.

You like the external environment more than the internal environment. Obstacles have to be faced in

household life. You want to live life according to your plan. On the strength of her hard work, she keeps trying to remain self-reliant. Loyal, rash, very emotional, and imaginative.

Respect others fearlessly. The rebels behave cruelly towards the people but still avoid risk. Due to the blasphemy and envy of others, they become the object of their hatred and there are many ups and downs in life.

Remedy –

Keeping a fast on Saturday will be auspicious and auspicious.Auspicious color- People of this zodiac should wear Sapphire in Panchadhatu iron or gold ring with the Beej Mantra of Shani – Om Pram Prim Praun Sas Shanaye Namah” by chanting 23000 numbers.

Auspicious days – Friday, Saturday, and Wednesday are auspicious days. Monday will be inauspicious.

Auspicious colors – Blue, black, and red are auspicious colors[ Astrology for Capricorn today ]