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Astrology for family problems

Astrology for family problems || The secret of happy family life ||:-Enough is enough man,

it has been more than two years, now I can’t bear it, now it seems that I will have to divorce,

but I get confused thinking about the children. Speaking like this, Vinay fell silent and his eyes filled with tears.

This is the story of my dear friend. The couple was married 10 years ago with pomp. After a love affair that lasted four years, one day both were tied in the bond of marriage. Both were very happy, there was no place for their happiness

on the day of marriage, after all, what happened after so much struggle.

Family problems continue Part – 2

The train of their family life was going on peacefully and in this journey of life, two beautiful children also

arrived in the house. Ajay, who was busy in his life, used to talk from time to time, but in a few years, Ajay and my talks Something had gone down, because the compulsions of his army job and my corporate job had increased the gap of conversation between us. 

Recently, I went to Ajay’s city and after a long time, both of them had a great time together in the old

days. remembered. Gradually, the matter came to the family from college and job, then Vinay became a

little disappointed, sharing the difficulties of his family life, Vinay started talking about divorce.

 For the first few years, Ajay’s family life was pleasant, then gradually as happiness began to eclipse,

with time, changes started coming in their behavior towards each other and the

small disputes between the two turned into big disputes

Family problems continue Part – 3

Gone, now the equation of the relationship seems to have changed, the wife who slays her

life and takes care of all his needs every moment now gets irritated over the matter,

there will be estrangement between the two about small things and also the situation of dispute. 

Would have become Ajay at first could not understand his behavior because she did not say

anything directly but his attitude and behavior were saying that she was not happy with Ajay.

According to Ajay, he tried his best to handle the situation but things did not work out,

now days there are long and long fights between the two and Ajay is looking at divorce as a solution.

Like Ajay’s family, there are many such families where due to one reason or the other, there is a rift

between husband and wife, and many times divorce also comes. In a country like India, where marriage was called

a relationship that lasts for seven births, it has become so fragile that it

cannot be said when it should be broken.

The Indian society

As per Astrology for family problems the Indian society, which does not even imagine divorce,

today seems to be in step with the divorce culture of the West. The solution to family disputes has come to be seen in the form of divorce.

Bitterness in family relations, quarrels, divorces are becoming a common aspect of today’s society,

love interest is disappearing from the relationship. The intensity of any relationship is due to the exchange of love inherent in that relationship. Women have the main responsibility of giving the basis of relationships in society. 

Basis of the relationship is love

The basis of the relationship is love and the Indian culture worships the woman as the epitome of love. She is the thread that holds the relationship together and her love gives a

taste of the juice in the relationship. If the work of running the society belongs to men, then women are its basis.

Relationship and love are like gulab jamun and sugar syrup, if relationship is gulab jamun then love is sugar syrup. Gulab Jamun without sugar syrup has no meaning. If the cord of the relationship breaks, then love falls apart. Love pours juice into the relationship[ Astrology for family problems ].

long-lasting love affairs

It is commonly seen that many long-lasting love affairs which later take the form of marriage and

after a thorough investigation, there are situations of dispute even in marriages arranged with the help of Astrology for family problems.

All the qualities, all the activities look good and they feel that both are ideal spouses for each other,

but gradually negative behavior, habits, and qualities start appearing one after the other. According to a survey, only 1.2 percent of husband and wife He admitted that there was no dispute between them.

Sadness, dissatisfaction, and hatred,

What happens when a pleasing relationship is filled with sadness, dissatisfaction, and hatred,

to such an extent that all the positive qualities of the spouse also become negative?

According to psychological analysis, practical relationships with spouses and friends are largely the same except for physical relationships. Each person has more than one friend, with different friends we have different types of equations. 

Like one friend is best for traveling together, another is best for jokes,

third is best for helping at any time, etc. All friends are masters of different qualities, only one friend completes all dimensions.

After marriage, when the distance from friends increases, then one partner starts looking for the

desired qualities of all friends in the other partner. This is where the problem arises.

Marital relations

Some problems are universal, they can never be removed from life, similarly problems in marital relations

cannot be avoided, but instead of dealing with those problems, analyzing them, and

working on their solutions, then the relationship with the spouse will remain sweet.

To keep a love relationship going strong, both the spouses need to compromise to some extent. For example, what do they both want to have for a meal? What kind of program to watch? What is the work to be done? Etc., in many big and small decisions, the views of both may differ.

In this context, many times neither of them fully understands what the other partner

wants or wants and thus a choice between having a close relationship and

having one’s own free will is created, which gives rise to tension.

Cause of stress and reducing it

Partners who focus on reflecting on the cause of stress and reducing it positively are more satisfied in

relationships than those who have negative or different stress handling abilities. There must be a complete belief that avoiding disputes is the most rational way of dealing with them. 

Generally, the biggest problem in marital relationships is to respond equally negatively to your partner’s negative words and actions. But the person who goes on thinking about the consequences for a long time,

then he is more likely to get a constructive response in the relationship.

Famous family relationship psychologist

According to the famous family relationship psychologist Lerner, “The person who puts more emphasis on

friendship, dedication, equality and striving for positive influence is happier. Older people who have been married for a long time tend to produce

more positive effects than newlyweds and middle-aged couples.

And this is also because people become more understanding and polite as they age. That is, humble practicality in relationships is the secret of success in family life.

From the perspective of Indian Vedic culture, the basis of love is not physical or mental self-satisfaction but selfless service. If the basis of the relationship between husband and wife rests on their consciousness that how much

my husband cares for me or how much my wife cares for me, then it cannot be called love. 

This consciousness is self-centered. “My happiness lies in the happiness of my life partner, even if I have to

suffer for it.” When husband and wife have this level of consciousness, then only it becomes synonymous with real love. Example: Nal-Damayanti, Satyavan-Savitri, Pandava-Draupadi and Ananya.

If there is surrender from only one side in the relationship and the other party is treating it

only as authority then it will only give rise to exploitation. Therefore, surrender is necessary from both the sides in the relationship.

Therefore, the feeling of being happy in the happiness of your spouse can keep the relationship sweet throughout life. Sacrificial love is needed more than passionate love. That’s the secret of a happy family life.