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Astrology for kundli | Sun planet and native

Astrology for kundli:-Sun planet and astrology yoga||

Sun planet and native :- Sun is light, fast, anger, enemy, responsible man, honor, respect, pride, father, king. The good position of Sun in the horoscope gives respect to the person, happiness of the father, and also benefits from the government’s house. And the Sun is also the factor of the native’s Bose.

If the Sun is in the enemy sign in the horoscope, especially in the sign of Saturn, or if Rahu Ketu is seen through Saturn, then the person has problems with Bose.

The person does not have a special place even among friends and friends, as if it is someone’s birthday, everyone called but did not call me, friends made a plan to go somewhere or watch a movie, called everyone but did not call me, where you If you live in the locality, there is a party, worship, everyone has been called, but we have not been called.

All these are symptoms of bad or weak sun.

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Due to the weakness of the sun, there is a lack of vitamin D in the body, due to which the food is not digested well, the liver of the person remains disturbed, due to which there is a lack of concentration and energy to do any work in the body for a long time.

The person cannot get up before the sunrise, cannot complete any work in the stipulated time throughout the day, cannot reach school, college or job on time, lack of concentration. If the sun is weak then the eyes will be weak, glasses are worn. There is no courage to go ahead and help others, there is no confidence to take up any new work.

The person does not have the feeling of doing charity

The relationship with the father is not good. There is not a glow on the face, that energy is not visible in the eyes. Anger and irritation persists. And if the Sun is with Rahu or Ketu in the Kundali or is in the aspect of Rahu or Ketu, then a serious situation of Pitradosh is created in the house.

In such a situation, people do not live together in the house, there is no progress in the house, people of the house do not get promotion in the job, there is trouble with the enemy, people will not get up in the house before sunrise, relatives are not happy when they come home.

And gradually the good friends and relatives go away with them and people who are clever and deceiving start coming in life.

Astrology for kundli:-Know when and how the names of the months are read :-

When the Sun resides in different zodiac signs. At that time they are given the name of the month. Those months are known and identified as Solar Months. Since the solar month is 365 days and the moon is 355 days, there is a difference of 10 days every year.

* These ten days are considered to be moon. Nevertheless, such extended days are called ‘Malmas’ or ‘Adhimas’.

*1 When Sun resides in Aries, then that month is called Baisakh month. 

*2 When Sun resides in Taurus, that month is called Jyeshtha month.

*3 The month when Sun resides in Gemini is called Ashadha month. 

*4 The month when the Sun resides in Cancer is called the month of Shravan.

*5 The month when Sun resides in Leo is called Bhadrapada month.

*6 The month when Sun resides in Virgo is called Ashwin month.

*7 The month when Sun resides in Libra is called Kartik month. 

*8 The month when Sun resides in Scorpio is called Margashirsha month.

*9 The month when Sun resides in Sagittarius is called Paush month.

*10 The month when Sun resides in Capricorn is called Magha month. 

*11 When Sun resides in Aquarius sign, that month is called Falgun month.

*12 When the Sun resides in Pisces, that month is called Chaitra month[ astrology for kundli ]

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