Astrology, Spirituality, and Karma

As per the famous astrologer in india, Astrology, Spirituality, and Karma go hand in hand. Trikaldarshi means one who knows the Past, Present, and Future and we can say that astrology is a gift to mankind from Trikaaldarshi Mahadev himself. At Sookshma level we all ask our-selves Who am I? Where did I come from? What is the purpose of my life? and many more.

After a child’s birth, a Horoscope is generated which tells nothing but a future path of the soul as per the actions of the past life. In the spiritual book “Jatakas” it is clearly explained that a soul is on a path and this is indisputable. So the question arises if we have a choice on this path? Is this path fixed or do we have a say? Well, the short answer is “No” we don’t have a choice but a longer answer is ” Freewill “!

Now, let’s discuss in details as per the best astrologer in Delhi:-

When it comes to a literal understanding of a Horoscope the results that Astrologers interpretations are inescapable provided we get a good and knowledgeable astrologer to read it correctly. Let’s discuss that with an example.

Let’s say that we have a horoscope that states that an “X” soul has a hard and difficult married life. So when the soul walks the path after Marriage it is found to be correct. So after a few years of marriage, the soul starts to think that he or she should get divorced or come out of marriage. Now here is the catch! Generally in a Horoscope, if a divorce is to happen it will happen at a certain time which an Astrologer predicts but if the individual gets the right advice and lets that time go by the chance is that the divorce “May” be avoided. So in this case we can say that the Divorce was destined but with spirituality and “Freewill” the individual can save that. But does that mean that even if the marriage is saved the future is bright? Now necessarily.

We have observed that 40-50 yrs ago Divorce was unheard of except for temporary separations and that too for a valid reason. This trend can be noticed worldwide be it any religion, caste, creed, or culture as the nine planets influence everybody. But in recent times we see that the trend is changing and that the divorce rates are skyrocketing. What has changed? It has been observed that in the earlier times if we see the planetary combinations even if the disagreements were there between couples we could still see that the will to stay together was there. And the ” Will” can be taken for “free will” in today’s era it has been observed that even the best of marriage Horoscopes are ending up in divorce!

Careers have the same observations except in a different way. It has been observed that some people do less but achieve more and rise in a career at a very early age. There are hundreds of examples around us. How many times does it happen that we ask ourselves after observing an individual “How did he or she get this job or achieve this position?” Why am I working harder, smarter, and efficiently but still not achieving as much as that other individual in a similar situation? The simple answer is “Past life Karma’s”!In dictionary terms Karma means a “Physical act” but in the Spiritual world even what we “Think” is also our karma. Let’s discuss this with an example.

How many times do we read in our daily horoscopes that Pisces are friends with Aries or ironically with Capricorn etc? So let’s discuss an interesting scenario according to the best astrologer in south Delhi, that you are a Pisces and your boss is Capricorn. Now every morning you go to work happy go jolly but as soon as you are about to reach you start talking to yourself and say something about your Boss in your mind but when you meet him or her with a broad smile. Probably the same thought is coming into the mind of your Boss who also meets with a smile on his face but not so good thoughts! Here is the catch. We think that as we met the opposite party with a smile but we forgot to understand that we didn’t have a good thought or we can say we faked! This is not good karma.

People will argue that this is not correct and how can a thought no matter negative can be termed as karma? The answer to this is “Vibes. When we “Think” we radiate energy “Sub-continuously” or “Unknowingly”. In simple terms if we think positive thoughts we radiate positive energy and if we think negative thoughts we radiate negative energy and that is what is making our karma. So the bottom line is that no matter what sun sign you are born in your inbuilt ability is radiating energy. So it is safe to say that spirituality tells us about the natural powers or god-given powers and Astrology tells us what we have done with those powers.

And the best astrology consultant in Delhi says that this is why the circumstances in which we are born are a result of the combinations of our thoughts and behaviors in the previous lives. If someone has misbehaved with us we just don’t understand why this person is behaving in such an unpleasant manner. In Ancient times the thumb impression was the main source of Astrology Predictions and that tradition was so valid as it is still used in our Court of Law simply know as a thumb impression because it is on a scientific basis that the thumb impression of a person is unique and it has been practiced in India from time immemorial.

This system of predicting is known as Nadi Jyotish of Agastya Rishi in south India and it is a world-renowned system. It has another sister concern with the name bhrigu Nadi Jyotish which deals with the predictions through calculations of Nakshatras. Another popular system of Astrology is known as the Parashari system mostly followed in India. Astrology has not been only practiced in India. It has been practiced by many cultures in different names and techniques.

Astrology has mostly been passed down as Knowledge from one generation to another for thousands of years and many people have made a name with this knowledge. As per the Jyotish experts in Delhi NCR, in ancient India, gurus would use astrology for Ayurveda treatments, the best muhurat of childbirth which is still followed. The same and more are followed in the modern world of Astrology. What if someone can find out the result of litigation or the best time for an out-of-court settlement, best career option for a child, the timing of marriage, divorce or childbirth, etc., and many more.

Many have asked themselves that even after getting the best facilities, the best education, and all the financial backing of the parents some children end-up failing and ruining the family name, fame, and fortune! On the other hand, there have been numerous examples where people have achieved a lot from rags! Astrology can tell you how an individual will go through his or her ups and downs in terms of Career, Finance, Marriage, Health, etc.

There have been many systems of Astrology as discussed in the blog above but in Modern times the most effective and result-oriented system of predictions is known as Stellar Astrology also famously known as KP Astrology. This system predicts are given from the nakshatras and not just the placement of planets. With this system, you can answer direct questions about Marriage, Health, Career, etc which has been a problem with the Parashari system of astrology. Under the Parashari system we can only tell if a planet is good or bad but how it will behave in specific situations of life is something that is still unanswered except if you dig into Stellar Astrology.

This blog doesn’t mean to be hard on Parashari. It’s just that with the changing times the predictive power of Stellar Astrology can be seen without any scope of doubt. Stellar Astrology cannot be said to be the Ultimate system but it can be said to be the best-known system of Predictions. When a seeker approaches an astrologer the expectation is to get the answers to their confusions and with the know-how of the astrologer, a guidance of the path of destiny is told which may or may not be dependent on free will.

There are some instances of life which can be altered with freewill but the ultimate result is something that cannot be changed. For example, if you have to travel from Delhi to Mumbai there can be many ways to travel to the destination which can be chosen for freewill but the destination to Mumbai cannot be altered or changed. It is fixed. This is where Astrology comes to light and shows its power of guidance.

When you go for an Astrology prediction you have to be an open mind. Astrologer’s job is only to make you aware of the path of your destiny and it can be as per your expectations or as opposed to it. You should be prepared in a way that if the answers are not as per what you are expecting. You should not be overconfident and stop doing your karma and on the other hand, even if you get a negative path in life you must also do not give away your power of karma.”Karma” has to be done and efforts should never be stopped no matter what is the outcome of the Astrology Predictions.

Moreover, humans have a choice that they can make and that choice should be a good one. One must remember that there is a concept of remedies in Astrology. Normally a person thinks that the remedies can remove their pain. It is a perception that with specified mantras one can even influence and change destiny. Now let us discuss a little bit about it. The astrology consultation specialist in delhi ncr says that it is people’s wrong expectations that they can run away from Karma. Whatever our Karma is the results will follow. So we cannot expect that if we have not done good Karma’s we can escape from the results of it. The laws of nature have to be changed because it is said” Every action has a reaction” and the result is the reaction of your actions.

Therefore we now must understand this with logic. Remedies are nothing but a middle way of the results of the actions. They cannot change the result of destiny but they can help in controlled management. For example an Explosion. You can have a controlled Explosion for a house demolition etc. or an uncontrolled Explosion is predicative and we cannot examine its results till the time it happens. Remedies are not to be taken as magic but as an extra door that God has given mankind to improve their karma. The same thing is done by GemStones.

They have been used for ages to enhance the positive results as per individuals Horoscope. Let’s say for example we see in a Horoscope that the Planet sun is in a good position and the sun Mahadasha or Anterdasha is running. So the Gemstone of the Sun which is Ruby or Manikya should be worn as that will enhance the results of the planet Sun. They came with Other 8 Planets. What we need to understand is that as the planets always give mixed results so we should be very careful to wear gemstones.

The best marriage astrologer in India says that the sun is good for a career but it can be bad for health or relationships. Therefore we have to analyze the priorities of an individual at the time when he or she is planning to wear a gemstone. Therefore you must not wear a Gemstone without an Astrologers advice as per your Horoscope.

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