Raakesh Desai

English, Hindi, Marathi

5 - 10 years

  • Numerology
  • Vastu For Building
  • Vastu For Home
  • Vastu For Health
  • Vastu For Wealth
  • Vastu For Relationship
  • Vastu For Office
  • Vastu For Flats
  • Vastu For Factory
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About me

1. Numerology- I have been working as a Numerologist from past 5 years. Everyone works as hard as they can, but only hard effort is important. Luck and Smart work gives success. That Luck is acquired by using a lucky name, a lucky signature, and a lucky date when performing work. I am giving guidance into Name correction, Signature correction, Career guidance, Love and Marriage guidance, Mobile number numerology, Lucky bank account number and other related factors in numerology. My slogan is "get positive mindset, get results" and I have contacted both famous people and experienced professionals to do just that. Using numerology to assist you achieve your life objectives can be quite helpful. "My purpose in this profound existence is to use the elegance of science and numerology to assist people in finding solutions to the challenging issues they face every day. 2- Spiritual Healing- I am a regular Mantra Chanter that boost my spirituality. I use that positive power to heal people most in hospitals using Mantra science that helps patient to get cured smoothly. 3. Paranormal/ Vastu Dowsing- I am also into Pendulum Dowsing in which I check Vastu energy and existence of paranormal energy in a home that affects owner of the home. I suggest remedies for the same to get rid of such energies. I have consulted with people from different walks of life for a number of moons, including businesspeople, engineers, doctors, and successful performers. These individuals come to me in an effort to change their circumstances, and I assist them by offering advice on how to modify some of the subtle aspects of their personalities. Sometimes, in order to pursue a more fulfilling and satisfying vocation in life, people may need to change their names, signatures, lucky numbers, and even their birthdate. I have assisted numerous people in achieving countless successes in their wealth, health, careers, and resolving some of the most persistent problems in their day-to-day lives.